The Law Of The Strong - 2004 - Agonia
Sedition - 2005 - Ibex Moon
Relentless - 2009 - Unique Leader
The Tides Of Damocles - 2015 - Independent

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G= Reticence, Graymalkin, Forced To Submit>>JOE BONNETT


D= Phil Osborne - Exordium Mors, Forced To Submit>>Martin Cavanagh>>Exordium Mors, Forced To Submit, Filthy Lucifer - Scoria, Molest The Episcopate>>JEREMY SUCKLING>>Scoria, Molest The Episcopate

History & Biography
Auckland is the capital of New Zealand and also since 1997 home to the morn of Azazel whose sound is self-described as “militant audio apocalypse”. Walshe was the band’s founder. The 1999 demo was called Of Bloodshed And Eternal Victory. The group would garner controversy when the demo’s cover featured the Wolfsangel Dopplehaken symbol of the 34th Waffen SS Panzer. The 2000 demo was called Vita Est Militia Super Terram. The line-up was singer and bassist Rigel Walshe, guitarists Tony Angelov and Joe Bonnett and drum man Phil Osborne. Drummer Phil Osborne was booted after an Australian tour. The group’s debut was 2004’s The Law Of The Strong. Sedition was on the US label Ibex Moon. Angelov was now gone. The group was without a contract in 2008 when it issued a demo. It worked and Unique Leader picked the group up in late 2009 for an immediate album release. Drummer Martin Cavanagh had been replaced by Jeremy Sucking (of Scoria) a year earlier. In the meantime, the group would receive some local publicity when Walshe’s job as a court escort would receive scrutiny. New Zealand-based band Dawn Of Azazel would release its fourth full-length in April of 2015. It was self-released. Titled The Tides Of Damocles, the ten-track album was the trio's first output in six years following 2009's Relentless long-player. The Tides Of Damocles was recorded, mixed and mastered last year at Mana Recording Studio in Tampa, Florida by Brian Elliot and J.J. Hrubovcak. The title referenced the ocean.



Dawn Of Azazel