Hate Takes Its Form – 2008 – Deepsend
A Force Unstoppable – 2010 - Deepsend
Rejoice In Vengeance – 2012 – Unique Leader
The Suffering – 2016 - Unique Leader
Into The Depths Of Veracity – 2019 – Unique Leader

Dawn Of Demise image
S= Infernal Torment>>SCOTT JENSEN

G= Jakob Nyholm>>Hatesphere, Koldborn – Murder One, Scamp>>MARTIN SØRENSEN>>Scamp – Adversary, Skinned Beyond Recognition, Panzerchrist>>Thomas 'Hotdogger' Egede>>Skinned Beyond Recognition, At The Grave, Panzerchrist – Rotten Fetus, Hatred Conspiracy, Trold>>ASTOR KRISTIAN PALSSON>>Hatred Conspiracy, Trold

B= Black Sabbath Jam, Undertaker, Koldborn>>BJØRN JENSEN>>Koldborn

D= Black Sabbath Jam, Koldborn>>Kim L. Jensen>>Koldborn - Simon Blaabjerg - Blood Label, Soilwork, The Arcane Order>>BASTIAN THUSGAARD>>Blood Label, Soilwork, The Arcane Order

History & Biography
Dawn Of Demise formed in 2003 and issued a debut at the beginning of 2008. In the interim, that band issued a demo called …And Blood Will Flow in 2006 and performed with Hatesphere. Drummer Heinz of Infernal Torment infamy didn’t last until the debut album. The CD was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. The band also announced the release of an EP, called Lacerated, for October of 2008. Kim Jensen also joined Koldborn in the autumn of 2009. Denmark-based Dawn Of Demise lost drummer Kim L. Jensen at the beginning of 2011 and was searching for a replacement. Death metal drummers interested in auditioning could e-mail contact@dawnofdemise.com. Denmark’s Dawn Of Demise signed a deal with Unique Leader Records. The band's next album, Rejoice In Vengeance, was to be released that summer. Dawn Of Demise would release its next full-length The Suffering through Unique Leader Records late summer of 2016. Astor Kristian Palsson was on second guitar now. Bastian Thusgaard was on drums. The band and Killing had a Halloween show in 2021.



Dawn Of Demise