Deadline - 1986 - Night Gallery
Ghost Of Romance - 1987 - Victor/Metal Blade
Shambara - 1988 - Victor/Metal Blade
Zero - 1989 - BMG/Victor
Dead End - 1990 - Victor
Dead End ~Live Act I~ - 1995 - BMG/Victor
Dead End ~Live Act II~ - 1995 - BMG/Victor
Metamorphosis - 2009 - Danger Crue
Dream Demon Analyzer - 2012 - Danger Crue

Dead End image

Liar>>Kagawa Takahiro - Swat, Jesus, Terra Rosa, Physical Island, Jill’s Project>>YUJI 'YOU' ADACHI>>Jesus, Physical Island, Jill’s Project

Rajas, Groove Master>>TADASHI 'Crazy Cool Joe' MASUMOTO>>Groove Master

Terra Rosa>>Masaaki Tano - Saber Tiger>>Masafumi Minato

History & Biography
Dead End (‘Deddoendo’) was a pompous Japanese HM band. The band never took the 'heavy metal' description however. Morrie and Takahiro formed the Tokyo-based band in 1984. The band hailed from Tokyo, but played its first show in Osaka in 1985. Takahiro left following the Dademonium Break Tour of 1986. Adachi replaced him. Deadline sold 20,000 copies quickly. Tano could not sustain the action and left in 2007. The band signed to Victor Entertainment. A year later the group gained American distribution via a deal with Metal Blade. The band appeared even bigger in 1989 after signing a deal with BMG Japan. The music was toned down however. Minato left in 1989 and the band decided against continuing. The band reached a dead end in 1990 before reforming in 2009! The band appeared at the Jack In The Box 2009 event. Dead End was also a live album. The post reformation period included the re-release of older albums.

Founder Morrie was a stylistic influence on many of his successors. His visual style 'visual kei' that combined glam with theatrics influenced acts like the popular X Japan.



Dead End