Ascend from The Cauldron - 1988 - New Renaissance

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S= Zygo>>Ski [Norman R. Kiersznowski Jr.]>>Altered State, Faith Factor, Tomorrow's Outlook, Screams Of Babylon, Attacker
G= Optimus Prime>>TONY KERR>>Optimus Prime – Patron Saint, The Log, Optimus Prime>>TOM BACH [THOMAS UMBA]>>The Log, Optimus Prime
B= Patron Saint, Cycle Sluts From Hell, Doro>>Nick Mitchell [Nicholas Douklias]>>Cycle Sluts From Hell, Doro, The Log, Solo
D= The Log>>WAYNE KELLIE>>The Log

After a demo entitled Psycho Drama, the NJ band released a single album compared to King Diamond and Exciter. The band reunited for festival appearances in the USA and Europe in 2005. Singer Ski left the band in late 2006, but the band was soon seeking a replacement and intended to forge ahead with the reunion. Ski joined white metal band Faith Factor in late 2008.

The band reformed in 2014 to appear at Keep It True festival and a split with Optimus Prime called Psycho Drama appeared in 2017.



Deadly Blessing