The Venom Divine - 2004 - Lifeforce
Sacrifice - 2006 - Lifeforce

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History & Biography
Koblenz-based Deadsoil was formed by former Night In Gales and Copykill personnel in 2002. The band recorded a mini-album for Tribunal records called Forever The Enemy in 2003. The band signed to Lifeforce Records and was part of the NewBornHate tour along with Hatesphere and Born From Pain in 2004. Sacrifice was recorded at principal Studio with Vincent Sorg.

Friedrich Weber was replaced by Nico Müller in 2008. After losing both it singer and guitarist Jens Basten Deadsoil had thrown in the towel in 2009. Guitarist Boris Pracht and bassist Jogi were focusing on Copykill, drummer Hartmut Stoof was with Symbiontic, and later with Gloryful, and Jens was reverting to Night In Gales again. The band’s vocal-less album may yet be released one day.


A new Deadsoil album could have gone either way, but instead it has gone both ways. Part metalcore, part following in the footsteps of At The Gates the German band has both ripping thrash metal in the vein of the Gothenburg heroes and crossover thrash/hardcore as played by so many others. When the band turns up the heat and accelerates there is a lot of power being exuded everywhere. The sharp guitar tone and the voice of aggressor Friedrich Weber are big pluses for Deadsoil. The occasional mallcore guitar tone, on the song Echoes for example, and the gang chants on most songs are definite downers. Why would a band use a clichéd element like this is not obvious, but then again a thrashing powerhouse like the song Viper really makes up for a lot of things. - Anna Tergel