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History & Biography
After holding such monickers as Purgatory and Bonemachine Mainz-based Deadspawn was formed in 1998. The band issued a demo called The First Strike in the same year and another called The Second Coming in 2000. This lead to an appearance at the Summer Breeze festival in Abstgmünd in that year. The band split up in May of 2001 due to line-up problems.

The group returned in 2003 and subsequently recruited bassist Merz and singer Knauer. The new line-up issued a new disc called Slaughter cattle in the dying months of 2003. The band issued its debut at the end of 2005. The band played several local shows and was shooting for an opening slot with Impaled Nazarene on the Finns European tour. The band split up in 2009. Tim Jaholniczuk died in 2015. He had joined on bass in 2006. Christian Gaus was the singer between 2007 and 2009.


Believe me when I tell you Deadspawn does not give a fig about mass market acceptance, popularity or trends. The German four-piece is heads-down brutal and pure death metal. Sure, a couple of elements smack of the members' individualism, but wading through songs like Philosophy Of Pain, Welcome Total Death, Terminus and the reference to the fast food chains' milkshake, entitled Cockcream, one hears all the death metal standards from beginning to end. The vocals are a mix of Unleashed's Johnny and Sodom's Angelripper (there is even a song about Agent Orange here). The singer sometimes takes over the mix as he spews his Cannibal Corpse-esque lyrics. The bass guitar is prominent and audible. Guitar solos are great where they exist - in other words, we need more - and the songs themselves are mid to fast-paced. The drummer is adequate, if only stuck with too light a sound. Otherwise, past all the pounding growlism and brutal mania the disc ends with a semi-instrumental melodic number called Eradication Of The Human Species. There they go with the exuberance again. - Ali "The Metallian"