Ouija – 2017 – Heavy Psych Sounds
The Final Exorcism – 2019 - Heavy Psych Sounds

Dead Witches image
S= Psychedelic Witchcraft>>Virginia Monti>>Psychedelic Witchcraft – Satlan>>Soozi Chameleone>>Satlan - Spring Thompson - Satlan>>SOOZI CHAMELEONE>>Satlan
G= Succubus, Angelfuck, Crypt Of The Zombilord>>Greg Elk>>Crypt Of The Zombilord – End The Agony, Grave Lines, Sea Bastard>>OLIVER HILL>>Grave Lines, Sea Bastard
B= Carl Geary - SAM CUTBUSH
D= Electric Wizard, 11 Paranoias, With The Dead, Ramesses>>MARK GREENING>>Ramesses

UK-based doom metal band Dead Witches, featuring Electric Wizard’s Mark Greening, issued The Final Exorcism album through Heavy Psych Sounds Records in February. Greg Elk had killed himself in 2016.

Sam Cutbush joined in 2020. Soozi left in 2020 and was replaced by Thompson. Soozi, however, re-joined in 2022. Doom Sessions Vol. 666 was a 2021 split release between Dead Witches and Witchthroat Serpent. Carl Geary was back with the act playing live in 2022.



Dead Witches