Temptation - 1996 - MFN
Chamber Of One - 1997 - MFN

Dearly Beheaded image
S= ALEX CREAMER>>I-Remain, Lokust, The Construct
G= Phil Stevens – Slammer>>STEVE OWENS>>Sleath - DARREN HOUGH>>Sleath
B= Epidemic>>TIM PRESTON>>City Of God, Damnation's Hammer
D= Slammer>>Bob Ryan – Deep Switch, Deeds>>SIMON DAWSON>>British Lion, Devilment, The Dead Soul Communion

UK metal band Dearly Beheaded released a demo in 1993 called We The Unwilling. The band won a MTV contest for the best unsigned metal band and consequently got signed to major label East West. The major then proceeded to drop the band before even releasing an album - hello Carcass! - because of the cover art which depicted a severed head. What did they expect? The band landed in the arms of Music For Nations instead.

City Of God also featured members of Blaze and Xentrix. Dawson ended up in British Lion with Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.



Dearly Beheaded