Deadmeat Disciples - 2003 - Dynamic Arts
Deathrash Assault - 2005 - Dynamic Arts
Cult Of Death - 2007 - Dynamic Arts
Death Eternal - 2008 - Dynamic Arts
Death Gods - 2010 - Cobra
Ritual Death Metal - 2013 - Svart

Deathchain image
Sideshow Zombies>>Rotten [Tommy Viranta]>>Sideshow Zombies - Necromicon, Deathbound, The Duskfall, Monsterspank>>K.J. CHAOS [KAI JAAKKOLA]>>Deathbound, The Duskfall, Monsterspank

Trollheims Grott>>Bobby Undertaker>>Trollheims Grott - De Lirium's Order, Demilich, Trollheims Grott, Forgotten Horror>>NUCLEAR CORPSE>>Trollheims Grott, De Lirium's Order, Forgotten Horror, Demilich - Forgotten Horror>>CULT>>Forgotten Horror

Shade Empire, Chaosweaver>>KUOLIO [JUHA HARJU]>>Shade Empire, Chaosweaver

Trollheims Grott, Darkwoods My Bethrothed, Forgotten Horror, Baptism>>KASSARA>>Trollheims Grott, Darkwoods My Bethrothed, Forgotten Horror, Baptism

History & Biography
Finland's Winterwolf was born in 1997. This band issued a demo called Death...Will Come Your Way in 2000 and followed it up with 2001's Blood For Death. Following relocation to Kuopio and a line-up upheaval the band was reborn as Deathchain in 2001.

The act recorded and released an independent CD called Poltergeist and landed a deal with Finland's Dynamic Arts Records. The band's debut was issued in late 2003. Deathchain shares members with Trollheim's Grott. The band is lead by Bobby.

Deathchain announced an upcoming split-release with the project band Deathbound in late 2004. An opening slot for Destruction and Candlemass in Europe was the band's biggest break thus far. Several shows were cancelled in 2006 due to an illness by Bobby Undertaker. Singer K.J. Khaos replaced Rotten on vocals in early 2007. Bobby Undertaker left for personal and career reasons at the beginning of 2008. His replacement, Cult, was in Forgotten Horror with Kassara and Corpse. The band was to enter the studio in May to record its new album, possibly called Death Eternal, regardless. The Death Eternal album landed on Finland’s national album charts. The thrash metal album had penetrated the Top 20. Finland's Deathchain would release a new album, Ritual Death Metal, on April 5th, 2013 through Svart Records.

The original members of Winterwolf resurrected that band in 2006 as a one-off and fully reformed in 2009.


Deathchain is a Finnish deathrash band which was formed in 1997 under the Winterwolf name. Winterwolf released two demos. This is the band's first demo using the name Deathchain. The band's image corresponds with the new moniker. The band's sound is a cross between Slayer and Boltthrower. It's fast and heavy stuff, but rather stifled by the muddy sound. A better production would help the band. Deathchain shares members with Trollheims Grott, but is undefiled compared to the latter band. Please either visit or write to for pricing or more information. - Ali "The Metallian"

Here is a surprise. Deathchain is a band from Finland that understands what metal is and entirely skews from the spineless path of other Finnish exports like Amorphis, Nightwish and other so-called heavy acts. The quintet is a balls-to-the-wall death/thrash metal act with intense guitars, bulldozing drums and a cold-blooded singer armed with both growls and screams. The guitars are sharp and the drum sound is completely heavy. Deathchain uses the more extreme moments of Kreator as a springboard and after mixing in a good pinch of Deicide produces outstanding music sure to intimidate the average Finnish so-called metal fan. - Ali "The Metallian"

If you thought Deathchain means business by looking at the group’s photograph, then wait until you hear the music. Titles like Deathrash Assault, Deathrash Legions (where the band go through many classic metal titles), Venom Preacher, Graveyard Preacher, Napalm Satan (“Napalm Rains/Satan Reigns) or Panzer Holocaust don’t lie. The album blasts off with Return Of The Nemesis which is a sequel to the song Poltergeist (The Nemesis) and it is instantly clear that this is what 'music' sounds like when Destruction meets Razor meets Kreator meets Protector and detonates. Panzer Holocaust is slower and has a meaty crushing heaviness as its main component. The last song, Valley Of The Corpses, has a melodic touch a la Slayer, but still manages to ultra thrash with deadly growls and punishing riffs.
This band restores the Metallian Tower's knights hopes somewhat in Finland. Deathchain’s music is not only fast and heavy, but also more aggressive than a retarded army brat back from tour-of-duty and in a room with a dozen nuns. It is delightful to hear a band where every member is aboard the death/thrash express. - Ali “The Metallian”