Rock This World – 2018 – Fighter/Xtreem

Death Keepers image
S= Dey Rus

G= EDDY GARY [EDGAR LÓPEZ DA SILVA] – Mugdom, Eterea>>Antonio Maties


D= Menza>>Miki Hunter [Miquel Garcés]>>Menza

History & Biography
The band was founded in 2011. The band was founded after Antonio Maties left Dallas and its cowboys to move to Spain. A demo, called On the Sacred Way, appeared in 2013. Alan Prieto left the bass position in 2015. Spain-based heavy metal band Death Keepers signed a deal with Fighter Records in late 2017 for the release of its debut album, Rock This World, which was due for release on January 22nd 2018. Dey Rus left. Michael Vescera added this notch to his post too. Miki Hunter left. Abel Sequera replaced him. Antonio Maties left in 2021. Kiko Shred replaced him. The act was in the studio in the summer of 2023.



Death Keepers