Death Machine - 2003 - Sensory

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G= Solo, Zero Hour>>THRAK [JASUN TIPTON]>>Zero Hour, Cynthesis, Abnormal Thought Patterns, A Dying Planet

B= Zero Hour>>DEVIN [TROY TIPTON]>>Zero Hour, Cynthesis, Abnormal Thought Patterns, A Dying Planet

D= Zero Hour>>MIKE GUY>>Zero Hour, Abnormal Thought Patterns

K= Elias

History & Biography
Death Machine is the 'death metal' alter ego of progressive metal band Zero Hour. The Tipton brothers and Mike Guy had been band-mates since 1993 in Zero Hour. The band started when a fan of Zero Hour, future-singer Kirk, and the Tiptons got together for a challenging music project. The band recorded a demo in 2002 featuring five songs and produced by Dino Alden. Death Machine played the San Francisco area for a while, recruited Elias on keyboards and signed with Zero hour's label, Sensory/Laser's Edge.

The band recorded its debut with the help of Dino Alden. It was released in November of 2003. Brett replaced Elias on the piano.


Death Machine's advance press heralded the evil twin of Zero Hour as a death metal band with a maximum amount of aggression. With Zero hour itself being relatively heavy and metallic in nature, compared to its brethren, hopes were high for this release.
Sadly, Death Machine is disappointing. The band is a techno metal formation with a driving and chugging bass whose sound brings vintage Prong to mind. The vocalist exudes some aggression, but nowhere near enough to make the band anything special. Song after song has impressive technical ability. Yet, Death Machine is neither aggressive enough nor technical enough to amaze either camp. To make matters worse, one Elias is responsible for 'Electronics' within the band. The ending of the album with a whiff of K&F (keyboards and female vocals) just adds to the suspicion of the band's tardy position in the grand scheme of things. Fan should instead seek out the much better Zero Hour instead. - Ali "The Metallian"


Death Machine