Apocalyptic Deadline – 2012 - Terrasound
Whole World Burns – 2016 – Terrasound
The Origin Of Hate – 2018 – Art Gates

Deathtale image
S= Jan Geyer - Camp Chaos, Empyre, Magnus Anus, Empyre>>PATRICK PIELER>>Camp Chaos, Empyre, Magnus Anus, Empyre

G= Concreo, Anomalie>>Arian Rezaie>>Concreo, Anomalie – Max Dengler>>Repeating Pain - GILLI GEHRING - ALEX REICH

B= Beer Revolution>>PHILIPP SPÄTH

D= Happl, Demolition>>TOM KRÄUTNER

History & Biography
These thrashers came together in 2009. The debut arrived three years later. Jan Geyer left in 2014. Austria-based thrash metal band Deathtale signed with Art Gates Records in 2017. A new album would be recorded in 2017 year. It was issued in 2018. The group opened for Germany's Debauchery in 2021. Rezaie cited a busy schedule to leave in 2022. His replacement was Enclave's Arash Zahedi.


This third full-length features 10 songs and an intro called The Dark One. The intro is an uneventful prelude to Bloodgod which features a competent solo, guitar sound and riffs with promise. Thrashy sounds dominate. Gilli Gehring and Arian Rezaie showcase their guitar work well. The technical side does not go wild into other genres and keeps it metal. The presence of death metal elements and the leading instruments elevate The Origin Of Hate. Born And Broken and Origin Of Hate push along with a healthy pace and borrowing small bits from hardcore too, perhaps most so in Patrick Pieler's vocals. Embrace The Fire is about 21st century earth perhaps? The song itself reminds of mid paced Swedish death metal sounds. Unleash The Wolves has the solo coming in early, providing a highlight for the catchy song that is enjoyable without being original. Seven Sins has the band fully into the Swedish sound and moving away from thrash. Walk Over Water is no miracle but a competent aggressive heavy metal song. The Heretic is thrashier once again. Hell Exists provides no proof but presents a case that a good solo always benefits a song. Hypocrite closes these 40 minutes with a bit of Pantera and more of that ever present solo. The band's site lists the members' likes, height, hair and eye colour, among other attributes. – Anna Tergel