Debackliner – 2016 - Pitch Black

Debackliner image
S= Stonecast, Bob Oliver Lee, Galderia, Ninmah, Quiet Human, Galderia, Rubicon>>BOB SALIBA>>Stonecast, Bob Oliver Lee, Quiet Human, Galderia, Rubicon

G= Cerevisia>>RÉMI CALECA>>Cerevisia - ERIC LUVERA

B= Thomas Pognante

D= Serge Servise

History & Biography
The band was formed in 2006 as The Omega. The name was changed in 2014. Singer Jtrom left in 2014 just as the band was entering the studio and the recording was troubled. Thanks to Thomas Tiberi, the record producer and friend of the band, The members met Bob (Stonecast, Bob Oliver Lee, Galderia, Ninmah, Quiet Human, etc.) through producer Thomas Tiberi. Pitch Black Records signed France-based band Debackliner and announced the band’s self-titled debut for October 21st. Serge Servise was replaced by Jean-Charles Chicco of Galderia. Thomas Pognante left in 2016 and was replaced by Rémy Guyon. The band became inactive.