Kill Maim Burn - 2003 – MDD
Rage Of The Bloodbeast - 2004 - Black Attakk
Torture Pit - 2005 - Black Attakk
Back In Blood - 2007 - AFM
Continue To Kill - 2008 - AFM
Rockers & War - 2009 - AFM
Germany’s Next Death Metal – 2011 – AFM
Kings Of Carnage – 2013 – Massacre
Fuck Humanity – 2015 - Massacre
Thunderbeast - 2016 - Massacre
Monster Metal - 2021 - Massacre
Demons Of Rock'n'Roll - 2022 - Massacre

Debauchery image
S= Bloodgod, Big Ball, Balgeroth>>THOMAS “THE BLOODBEAST” [THOMAS GURRATH]>>Bloodgod, Big Ball, Balgeroth

G= Bloodgod, Big Ball, Balgeroth>>THOMAS “THE BLOODBEAST” [THOMAS GURRATH]>>Bloodgod, Big Ball, Balgeroth

B= Bloodgod, Big Ball, Balgeroth>>THOMAS “THE BLOODBEAST” [THOMAS GURRATH]>>Bloodgod, Big Ball, Balgeroth


History & Biography
The southern German death metal band started as a mere Maggotcunt in 2001 before selling out and adopting the new monicker in 2002. The band issued the Zombie demo in the same year. The band since then has been a project of singer Thomas and an assortment of guest musicians from Anasarca to Thy Final Pain to Primal Fear. Also, peculiarly, Thomas claimed an equal love for hard rock and gore metal and notably mixed both styles on every album. Back In Blood extended the concept by having a whole second disc chock full of covers of bands like Genesis, Rolling Stones and Six feet Under! In fact, Continue To Kill was produced by Dennis Ward whose resume featured names like Pink Cream 69 and Angra. Fresh off the Blood God Rising In The East World Tour 2008 which included a trip to China the band announced a new album for April called Rockers & War. The album was due to arrive with a bonus DVD promising to feature lesbian porno. Reports from Germany had the main man forced to quit his teaching job after the school officials discovered the man’s art. Conformity is a pre-requisite for education. The title for Germany’s Next Death Metal parodied reality TV. It featured a Metallian Towers’ serf on its cover. Kings Of Carnage was on a new label. Fuck Humanity boasted a complete line-up of Thomas, guitarist Mr. Kill, bassist Mr. Blood and drummer Mr. Death. The related projects of Debauchery, Balgeroth and Blood God had a three-CD set called Fuck Humanity issued by Massacre in 2015. Debauchery and each of those projects had further split releases in the subsequent years. Kill Mister was another cover versions EP. This one covered Motörhead and came in 2016. The three bands re-appeared with Monster Metal in 2021. The pattern was that the split would follow the Butchery album by the same name. Respawned In Heavy Metal was the 2023 3-CD/3-band split.

Locomotive Records issued Back In Blood and Continue To Kill in North America. Thomas maintains a monster of a gory image and considers his multiple bands to be part of the same horrific universe.


For a moment - just a moment - I was about to give this a passing grade. The brutal cover art, the brutal titles and the band photo all sent the right signals. Unfortunately, Debauchery’s main man and leader Thomas has no intention of playing nice with the fans or with himself. Never mind his disdain for the reviewers who publicize his music - they might all be shit according to Tom here, although strangely he doesn’t mind quoting the odd positive review - but his mixing of hard rock songs (Hard Rockin’ or King Of Killing) with death metal songs that reek of Massacre and Six Feet Under (Warfare or Cuntkiller) with a nasty itch to do cover versions as often as possible lend this band a certain degree in poseurism not heard of since Atrocity abandoned death metal for the Pet Shop Boys.
If Debauchery would abandon his penchant for mixing styles onto one album, doing the zillionth cover version under the sun and taking the death metal seriously then Debauchery would begin to make sense. On the other hand, if all those things were to happen the band would not be Debauchery anymore so disregard that idea. - Anna Tergel