Dekapitera>>Ravenous>>DECADENCE - SWEDEN

3rd Stage Of Decay - 2006 - HTI
Chargepoint - 2009 - Spiritual Beast

Decadence image
S= Triton Enigma>>METALLIC KITTY SARIC [SILVIA SARIC]>>Triton Enigma

G= Aleister>>Simon Galle - Demented, Circle Of Chaos>>KENNETH LANTZ>>Demented, Circle Of Chaos

B= Hellicon>>Joakim Antman>>Overtorture, The Ugly, Diatonic, Lik, Bloodbath

D= Svartblod>>Erik Rojås>>Frantic Amber, Nekrodelirium, Claymords, Sterbhaus, Ondskapt, Black Altar

History & Biography
This particular Decadence has been around since 2003 delivering thrash metal. The band's first concert was in Stockholm in 2003. A demo in 2004 was called Land Of Despair. Two demos, Decadence and The Creature, followed. The band’s debut 3rd Stage Of Decay was issued in 2006. The same album was re-released by Spiritual Beast for Japan and Massacre for Europe. They would release a new album, called Chargepoint, in October of 2009 through Japan’s Spiritual Beast. The band was able to play live in Venezuela in 2010.

The vocalist position aside, the band has had many line-up changes. Lantz is a sound engineer and usually supervises the band’s recordings. HTI belongs to Miss Kitty. Founding guitarists Christian Lindholm and Niclas Radberg left the band in 2004.

Kitty Saric and Kenneth Lantz reformed Sweden’s Decadence in 2016. The band had a demo Called Undergrounder Featuring Drummer Lawrence Dinamarca (Nightrage/Loch Vostok/Carnal Forge). The group had halted activities in 2013. Six Tape was a 2019 demo.


Growly chicks. One of the worst stereotypes in modern metal. It really only succeeded for this Swedish band formed by an ex-Carcass guitarist (heard of them? They got this blonde German fraulein mangling their lyrics) and whoever else followed has since been cast in a harsh, suspicious light. These days, ghurrrls with rough vocals are doomed to be labelled imitators of said band, as well as coat tail riders, band wagon hangers on, trend sluts... it’s a cruel world indeed. Decadence try hard to avoid such a career pitfall, hence their deserving a more accurate comparison to Teutonic Thrash veterans Holy Moses. Beside sharing the same bonebreaking pace as Sabina Classen’s aged crew, Decadence has sworn eternal fealty to thrash metal, which explains why its death metal grimness comes laced with blistering guitar solos, old school harmonies, thundering gallops, and complex arrangements.
Yet, all is not well in the band’s repertoire for quite a handful of songs on the latest reek forgetfulness. While most of the tunes here are decent by any measure – take Discharge, Silent Weapon (For A Quiet War), Strength Of Mind, and Point Of No Return – and the heaviness makes for great listening, Chargepoint is a promising release that risks being lost in the flood of mediocre underground offerings that assail us on a regular basis. Why? Because half the track list isn’t up to par. The bottom line is Decadence’s type of music has already been done before. Since it lacks the extra energy and imagination to make it stand above the rest, Chargepoint won’t be enjoying an afterglow. For those who still want to milk this album of whatever metal pleasure is to be derived from the band’s predictable offerings, sink thyne teeth onto the album closer The Demons Run. At least instrumental tracks like this aren’t tedious. - Michael Thrash