The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle - 1994 - Monasterium
Resurrectionem Mortuorum - 1996 - Skyfall
The Book Of Darkness - 1999 - Evil Omen
Nockthurnaal – 2001 - Drakkar
Ten Years Of Steel – 2001 – Hiberica
The Beast Has Risen – 2003 – Drakkar
Hexagram (Honour Et Fidelitas) – 2007 – Folter
The Black Metal Flame – 2008 – Blackseed
Chaos Underground – 2010 - Blackseed
The Ancient Brethren – 2012 – Blackseed
Into The Depths Of Hell – 2015 – Hellprod
The Burning Of Heaven – 2016 – Hellprod
Of Fire And Evil – 2018 - Lusitanian

Decayed image
S= Ironsword>>Jm>>Ironsword, Alastor – Hoth, Thugnor>>JA [JOSÉ AFONSO]>>Hoth, Thugnor – Ironsword. Alastor>>JM>>Ironsword, Alastor – Wanderer [Ricardo Pereira]>>Göatfukk - Morte Incandescente, Irae, Viles Vitae>>VULTURIUS [HUGO LEAL]>>Morte Incandescente, Irae, Viles Vitae
G= Alastor, Hoth, Nethermancy, Mantiis, Thugnor>>JA [JOSÉ AFONSO]>>Alastor, Hoth, Nethermancy, Mantiis, Thugnor - VJ
B= Ironsword>>Jm>>Ironsword, Alastor, Moonspell, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium - Vj – Ironsword, Alastor, Moonspell, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium>>JM>>Ironsword, Alastor, Moonspell, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium – Infernal Dreams>>Kim>>Project K - Storm Legion, Flagellum Dei, Morte Incandescente>>VULTURIUS [HUGO LEAL]>>Morte Incandescente
D= Jb – Gabriel – Desaster, Metalucifer, Deathfist, Metal Inquisitor, Satanika, Asphyx, Infektor>>Tormentor [Stefan Hüskens]>>Desaster, Metalucifer, Asphyx, Metal Inquisitor, Satanika, Deathfist, Infektor, Sodom - Requiem Laus, Pestifer, Göatfukk>>GR [GABRIELE RACHELLO]>>Göatfukk

They were formed in 1990 as Decay, released a couple of rehearsals and then a demo in 1992 (...Thus Revealed), a single in 1993 (The Seven Seals on Dark Records), an album in 1994 (J.M. and J.B. leave after this album) and a MCD in 1995 called In Lustful Mayhem on Skyfall Records. J.M. returns and a second album followed the year after, as did a split CD in 1998. A third full length appeared in 1999. Decayed plays Venom-inspired music and seems to record half a dozen cover songs weekly. The band has issued numerous compilations, EPs and splits since. Tormentor drummed between 2012 and 2016, but had been a guest in 2004 as well.