Deceive image
S= Myconith, Souls, Ganjashaman>>ADAM WATSON>>Myconith, Souls, Ganjashaman, Condemned
G= Danny Ramirez – Madrost, Ganjashaman, Agnoxia, Macrocosm, Agnoxia>>JUAN CARLOS DE ALBA>>Madrost, Ganjashaman, Agnoxia, Macrocosm, Agnoxia
B= Souls>>ADAM WATSON>>Souls
D= Derogatory, Lord Of War>>Josh Null>>Derogatory, Lord Of War, Inhuman Atrocities, Shrine Of Malice, Chaos Dimension, Aronious, Sold Soul

The California-based thrash metal band was formed in 2011. The band issued a demo in the same year. A Live Demo followed in 2012. The group also issued a live demo called Buried Beneath. The 2014 demo Arrival Of The Dark Masters in December.

Battleground Records had a deal with the quartet for the release of the band's forthcoming debut album. The band was then writing and demoing material for the record with plans of entering the studio to record later that year and releasing the LP in 2016. Instead, nothing happened.

A demo entitled Dwelling appeared in 2022. Drummer Josh Null and guitarist Danny Ramirez were gone and the act was a duo.