Rise Of The Fall - 1996 - Clutchmove
Praying, Hoping, Nothing - 1998 - Negative Attention
The Lament Configuration - 2002 - Earache

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Mark Moots>>Weight Of The Tide


Cranium>>ASA DAKIN>>Cranium

Cranium>>JASON THOMAS>>Cranium, The Harvest And The Hunt, Weight Of The Tide

History & Biography
Hailing from Reno, Nevada, the band was formed in 1994 by four friends. The band released two albums and opened for the most of Relapse's hardcore roster before hooking up with Inzane Records of roadie/porno producer Matt Zane and re-releasing the second effort for Inzane Records. A split CD with Unite appeared through Blackfish Records and more shows with the likes of Hateplow and Skinlab followed. A new demo brought the band to earache and the band's The Lament Configuration was released in February 2002.

Vocalist Mark Moots left the band in late 2003. The band chose Eric Dellon as its new vocalist in the spring of 2004. A native of New York and Connecticut, Dellon had sung and played guitar and drums in such bands as Shallow Water Grave and Zombie Apocalypse (with members of Shai Hulud). Jesse Phips was the next singer. Instead of moving forward, the group disbanded.


As a rule demos and previous releases should remain demos and previous releases. Labels and bands should restrain themselves and not re-release those materials.
Philosophical arguments aside, December's Praying Hoping Nothing album from 1998 hits the spot on several levels. Firstly, the album's title just plain rules. In a succinct phrase it describes the futile lives of billions of Christians, Muslims, Jews and other assorted idiots. Secondly, the band hails from Las Vegas and the thought of such larm defiling the pristine environment of Las Vegas (massive cough here) should give every rebel cause for joy. Thirdly, the band's metalcore onslaught is so vociferous and extreme that lesser members of humanity will shudder before this. The Americans are clearly influenced by Brutal Truth, but the act has other moods in its arsenal as well - even if all of them are disagreeable. Don't wait for December to come. Buy this and blow away your inner religious self! - Ali "The Metallian"

The Lament Configuration, the third proper full length album of Nevada unit December, is a mixture of several disparate influences. Heavy and chaotic, December drowns under a sea of distortion and effects delivering its mutt of metal, hardcore and pseudo-industrial a la Godflesh. It's quite a racket really and would probably raise quite a sandstorm down in Nevada. The Lament Configuration isn't as mysterious as the Hellraiser 'puzzle box' it's named after, but if not gory is good for a bruise or two at least. The production is handled by Devin Townsend.