'Til Ten Years - 1996 - Hammerheart
Completely Dehumanized - 1998 - Wicked World
Blasterpiece Theatre - 2002 - Wicked World/Earache

December Wolves image
S= DEVON>>Extinction Agenda

G= BRIAN IZZI>>Extinction Agenda, Trap Them, All Pigs Must Die - TIM

B= Delusion>>BRIAN BERGERON>>Delusion, Nunslaughter, Kurnugia

D= Turaghan>>Scott DeFasco>>Turaghan, Extinction Agenda, Trap Them, Serpent Eclipse

History & Biography
Jumping onto the scene circa 1993 and releasing the Wolftread demo later, December Wolves established their sound as American Black Metal. The band signed with Korea's Hammerheart and released its debut featuring K&F (Keyboards and Female vocals). A promo '97 was issued featuring ... Not Of Tainted Blood and We are Everywhere. The band gradually changed directions to become faster and less gothic. Drummer DeFusco edited a zine called Curse Of The Chains. The band recorded a third album called Blasterpiece Theatre early 2001 which was billed due for release in May 2001. Then the gang broke up in 2002.


December Wolves' third album has a few mentionable things going for it. There are the controversial themes. The nice play on words begins with the cleverly-named album title and continues with songs called Desperately Seeking Satan and Porn Again Christian. Yes, and there is the much hyped pornographic video available here or via the Earache web site. Yet there is that nagging feeling that perhaps the Americans are too reliant on gimmicks and will ultimately pay for it when the novelty factor wears off. To be fair, the concept might make an impression and the album prove long-lasting. But the inclusion of drum machines and the many samples will certainly not contribute to the band being recognized as a musical force. The band is indeed sick and specializes in speed-oriented Emperor riffs gone awry. The vocals are sick too unnerving the listener with a certain haunting malice. Then there is the hanging and dead doll imagery. Didn't Solefald toy with the doll concept already though?


December Wolves