Trading Pieces - 1996 - Repulse
Inbreeding The Anthropophagy - 1998 - Repulse
Path Of The Weakening - 1999 - Unique Leader
Mark Of The Legion - 2001 - Unique Leader
Reduced To Ashes - 2003 - Unique Leader
Crown Of Souls – 2005 – Unique Leader
Of What's To Come – 2008 – Unique Leader
Portals To Canaan – 2013 - Unique Leader
Nucleus – 2020 – Unique Leader

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Charlie Christ>>Erik Lindmark - THC>>Jacoby Kingston – Destroying The Devoid>>CRAIG PETERS>>Destroying The Devoid – THC>>JACOBY KINGSTON

Charlie Christ>>Erik Lindmark - Vile>>Jimmy Tkacz – Sean Southern - Destroying The Devoid>>CRAIG PETERS>>Destroying The Devoid

THC>>Jacoby Kingston – Euphony, Blood Red Throne, Decrepit Birth, Vile, Emeth>>Erlend Caspersen>>Emeth – Virulence, Strappado, Goratory, Blasphemer, Eschaton, Pillory, Rhadamanthys>>IVAN MUNGUIA>>Goratory, Blasphemer, Eschaton, Pillory, Rhadamanthys

Joey Heaslet - Brad Palmer>>Scythe - Joey Heaslet – Vile, Curiosity Killed The Cop>>MIKE HAMILTON>Curiosity Killed The Cop

History & Biography
The band was formed as a trio in 1993. Deeds Of Flesh released a demo called Gradually Melted in 1994 and re-pressed the same onto CD in January of 1996.

That year the band released its debut CD through Spain's Repulse Records which described the band as faster than Cryptopsy and more intense than Deicide. The CD suffered from a weak sound. Heaslet left ostensibly to pursue his studies and was replaced by Palmer for album number two. Heaslet did return long enough to record the third album though. In 2001 the band took part in the Bloodletting North America tour II with Sabbatic Feast, Pyaemia and Monstrosity with SF not being allowed entry into Canada.

A tour supporting Suffocation was announced in the autumn of 2003, but was soon cancelled due to booking issues. The group issued a DVD in 2005 called Live In Montreal. Jacoby Kingston abandoned his long held position fronting and playing bass with the band due to a lack of time in early 2007. His replacement was Erland Caspersen from Norway who had worked with Blood Red Throne and Dismal Euphony. The group announced the release of a new album, called Of What's To Come, for November 18th, 2008 through Unique Leader Records. It was to include a re-recorded version of Infecting Them With Falsehood from the 1998 album Inbreeding The Anthropophagi. Deeds Of Flesh parted ways with guitarist Sean Southern in the spring of 2011 due to "personal reasons" and replaced him with Craig Peters of Arkaik. Singer Corey Athos was booted from the band to make room for guitarist Erik Lindmark to return solely to vocals. Lindmark had tendonitis and much pain as a result when playing guitar. The band’s Portals To Canaan, was due out on Unique Leader in January. Hamilton joined Exhumed in 2012. Deeds Of Flesh picked up drummer Darren Cesca (Eschaton, Goratory, Pillory, etc.) in the summer of 2016. Cesca tool the place of Mike Hamilton (Exhumed) who amicably parted ways with the band. Erik Lindmark died in November 2018 due to multiple Sclerosis. The band returned with a new album in 2020.

Unique Leader was the label of the band's former front man, Jacoby, and Erik Landmark.



Deeds Of Flesh