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S= As Light Dies, Hybrid, Wrong, Garth Arum, Alien Syndrome 777, Der Kartoffelkult, Fu Fu, Autumnal>>NHT [NIGHTMARER] [OSCAR MARTIN]>>As Light Dies, Garth Arum, Alien Syndrome 777, Der Kartoffelkult, Fu Fu, Autumnal


This strange and avant-garde occult band came about in Madrid Spain in 2015 and issued its debut in 2019.


One does not need this writer’s description to know that Deemtee’s Flawed Synchronization With Reality is a drug-induced hallucegenic disharmonic album of cosmic dimension. Read the album’s title, read the lyrics or look at the cover artwork and, yes, listen to the music. Just the lyrics alone are so long and copious that they come across as a treatise on injecting heroin (or something). Of course, sole member NHT cannot recall or reproduce them. The music is a mix between dropping acid, ingesting mushrooms, Voivod and Ronnie James Dio dropping mushrooms. Not actually sure about the last analogy, but certainly there is a lot of actual and bona fide extreme metal on this album. As said, however, there is a lot of other stuff too. Nobody Out There, which closes the album, is a soft rock medley. Mirror Of Confusion is a recital on how to pick up easy Spanish chicks. NHT picks her up, buys her a couple of drinks and they naturally end up in his studio where he hits record as they both sit on his bed and he speaks to her of philosophy, the birds and the bees and the quality of the weed they are smoking. He had earlier tried her on the opener Birds (it is an old English idiom). The rest of the album goes from acid rock to psychedelia to doom and speedy metal and back.
Now the readers want to know. Did he get the chick? She was in the bag at ‘free… drugs’! – Ali “The Metallian”