Erupted Wrath - 1999 - Nightfall
Ugliness Revealed - 2001 - Baphomet
Divination – 2003 – Season Of Mist
Crisis – 2011 – Season Of Mist
Towards Inevitable Ruin – 2016 – Season Of Mist
Infinite Regress – 2020 – Season Of Mist
The Highest Level - 2023 - Season Of Mist

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Vanguard, Barriada>>Hideki Fujimoto>>Vanguard, Barriada – Butcher ABC>>Kenji Sato - SHINICHIRO HAMADA


Norihisa Fukuda - Gotsu Totsu Kotsu>>Haruhisa Takahata>>Gotsu Totsu Kotsu – Abyss>>Hiroaki Sato – Coven, King’s-Evil>>TAKACHIKA NAKAJIMA>>Coven, King’s-Evil

Yuichi Ishiguro>> King's-Evil, Code Red, Ogre, Hater, Hide Bound, Cry, Inhuman Devotion – Crash Syndrom>>Takahiro Okada>>Hemorrhoid Carnage, Horrific Disease, Crash Syndrom – Chernoblank>>KEISUKE HAMADA

History & Biography
Defiled comes from Tokyo and plays death metal. Following a promo demo tape in 1993, Defiled released a MCD through Japan's Bizarre Records called Defeat Of Sanity and followed it up with a promo tape in 1996 and the Erupted Wrath demo in 1998. The band also played in USA and South Korea in 1997. The band toured Europe in 2004.

Defiled had three new members in late 2005 with guitarist Sumita being the only original man left. The new guys were Kenji Sato on vocals, Haruhisa Takahata on bass and drummer Tadashi Kurihara. The band had a newer drummer called Takashi Nonaka in 2007.

Defiled's Crisis album was out through Season Of Mist in January of 2011. It featured three new members. The band toured Europe again in 2011. Bill Metoyer produced the band’s fourth album. Drummer Okada left the band to focus on his own endeavour. The band toured Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, in 2014. The group was booked for Noise Metal Festival in Mongolia in 2015. The group’s 2016 album was called Towards Inevitable Ruin, which was slated for worldwide release on July 8th. Shinichiro Hamada was now fronting the act and also playing guitar. Keisuke Hamada was now on drums. Hiroaki Sato had joined on bass in 2015. The band hit Europe in 2017. Defiled’s Infinite Regress was scheduled for release through Season Of Mist on January 24th 2020. Defiled had an album called The Highest Level through Season Of Mist in late April 2023. Exhumed, Defiled and Infernal hate toured Japan.


Here is a deadly surprise out of Japan! More readily associated with HC-oriented extreme bands, Defiled is an all-out death metal attack that adamantly refuses to let up and conform to Japan's more traditional offerings. Try to imagine the vocals of former Sinister man Mike with that bands' bite, added to the guttural brutality of Incantation and patterns from early Possessed - especially the choppy drumming - and what you get is Defiled. This is no half-assed attempt at death metal. The quartet clearly knows and understands death metal. Frighteningly good, the wildness of Defiled makes them a very good proposition for fans of the above-described sound, and undoubtedly a target for lesser wimps. - Ali "The Metallian"


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