Abrah Kadavrah - 1995 - Invasion
Under The Blade - 1997 - Invasion
Fast Forward - 2000 - WAR
Royal Straight Flesh - 2002 - Regain
Reclaim The Beat - 2005 - Regain/Candlelight
Grind Over Matter – 2022 – Metal Blade

Defleshed image
Crematorium, Urticaria, Valley Of The Dead>>GUSTAF JORDE>>Nailstate, Valley Of The Dead - LARS LOFVEN

Convulsion, The Duskfall, The Moaning>>LARS LOFVEN>>The Duskfall, Valley Of The Dead, The Moaning - Kristoffer Griedl

Crematorium, Urticaria, Illdisposed>>GUSTAF JORDE>>Illdisposed, Evocation

Oskar Karlsson>>Raised Fist, Scheitan, Gates Of Ishtar, The Everdawn, The Duskfall - Infernal, Non-Exist, The Hidden, Dark Funeral, Skineater, Necrophobic, Offerblod>>MATTE MODIN>>Dark Funeral, Non-Exist, Skineater, Fireborn, Firespawn, The Hidden, Necrophobic, Offerblod

History & Biography
Given naked birth by Lars Löfven in 1991, Defleshed's first official output was a self-named tape. With session singer Johan Hedman the band recorded a new demo called Abrah Kadavrah. This cleverly titled tape was out in 1992. Tracks from this tape were given the 7" treatment by Italy's Miscarriage Records and made an appearance on Nuclear Blast's Grindcore sampler. The next tape was called Body Art and did the trick.

The band released an EP called Ma Belle Scalpelle and an LP for Germany's Invasion Records. When Griedl left the fold in 1996, the band became a trio. So was recorded Fast Forward and so the band appeared on a Sepultura cover CD. Pavement has signed Defleshed in 1999. The band hoped to tour with Cannibal Corpse. The death metal trio toured Japan in 2001 with Dew-scented and Night In Gales.

Jorde filled in for a one-week European tour with Denmark's Illdisposed in the summer of 2002. Royal Straight Flesh: Battle Hymns In Eleven Acts appeared in the autumn of 2002. It was recorded at Berno Studio and re-mixed at Dug-Out.

Soundholic released the album in Japan. Defleshed and openers Taetre toured Europe in March, 2003 using the Battle Royal Tour 2003 moniker. In a surprise move, Defleshed announced it would disband in late 2005. The band expressed hope a proposed tour of America with Dismember can still go ahead for April of 2006. With the tour not taking place Gustaf Jorde soon joined Nailstate alongside several veteran musicians. Oskar Karlsson died in 2016.

Defleshed had a full-length, called Grind Over Matter, through Metal Blade Records and a video for the track Heavy Haul in 2022. This was the band’s first record in 17 years and followed the act’s reformation in 2021. The band was booked at Obscene Extreme Festival for 2023. The band was also booked for The Dortmund Deathfest, which was to take place in that city in Germany in August 2023


When did Defleshed become so similar to Kreator? These Swedish death metallers have basically become a death metal version of Kreator. That is not to say that the trio is a clone. Defleshed's Gustaf Jorde has the Mille rasp though and the tight rhythms take one back to the heady days of the German thrashers. Having said that, Defleshed is a mature band in its own right and one with top-notch riffs and tight delivery. One can not be certain how much an actual band this trio is, with drummer Modin spending most of his time in other bands, but whatever the case Defleshed is fast, heavy and powerful unit with good songs like opener Hand Over Fist, Friction and Feed On The Fallen. Having said that, Royal Straight Flesh suffers from a lack of solos. The band has foregone lead guitars for whatever reason and that is never a good thing. Deduct a mark for that and one still has a very good album here. - Ali "The Metallian"

I have had a soft spot for Defleshed all along. The band's intense delivery aside, how can one not be fond of a band with an album called Abrah Kadavrah - come on! Now, I do not want to pretend I know what Reclaim The Beat means or that it does not sound suspiciously disco or dancey, but fact is that the album is packed to the rafters with a throaty growling screams, razor sharp riffs that rip the roof off and a speed that refuses to relent. Admittedly, there is a certain post At The Gates vibe all over this, but there is also enough individuality and shrewd ideas on these songs for a listener to delight in Defleshed for the sake of Defleshed and not for similarities to other bands. If criticism has to be levelled at the band then it has to be the 'clicky' snare sound and the inclusion of yet another cover version. The Swedes have deemed it necessary to cover Mötley Crüe's Red Hot.
Defleshed has unfairly been assigned second-rate status by the fans and the media. Reclaim The Beat can change that if enough ears get to hear these songs. - Ali "The Metallian"