The Prophecy In The Entrails – 2017 – Lord Of The Sick
Hibernaculum Of Decay – 2018 – Lord Of The Sick

Defleshed And Gutted image
S= Brock Underwood – Orill Collins
G= JOSEPH CARRILLO – Genocide Ov Bucon, Soren, Devour The Unborn>>Arturo T.J. Lara>>Genocide Ov Bucon, Soren, Devour The Unborn, Obeisance
B= Brock Underwood - JOSEPH CARRILLO
D= Bowels Out, Obeisance, Fermentia, Dragging Entrails, Devour The Unborn>>JOSEPH CARRILLO>>Devour The Unborn

No word on whether the band saw itself as a cross between Defleshed And Gutted when they/he formed in 2012. The band was a solo project of drummer Carrillo before transforming to a full act. After uploading a couple of tracks a demo called Defleshed And Gutted was issued in 2014. The Prophecy In The Entrails album continued the fish/cow/lamb metaphor and featured a full line-up. Self-cover version: Texas, USA-based death metal band Defleshed And Gutted signed to Australian label Vicious Instinct Records in 2021. The band has a re-recording of its 2017 track Baptized In Bile taken from The Prophecy In The Entrails release. This version was part of a 16-track, 4-band split titled Excruciating Malformations Of Abhorrent Descent, which features bands such as Devour The Unborn, Slamentation and Inhuman Atrocities. It was released on August 26th.



Defleshed And Gutted