Prophecies Foretold - 1998 - Pathos
Controlled Elite - 2012 - Comatose

Dehumanized image
S= Jerry Barco - Between Two Evils>>MIKE CENTRONE>>Between Two Evils
G= Tom Toscano - RICH NAGASAWA - Flesh Throne>>PAUL TAVORA>>Flesh Throne
B= Between Two Evils>>ANTHONY COSSU>>Between Two Evils
D= 420, Mortician, Skinless, Between Two Evils>>GEORGE TORRES>>Mortician, Skinless, Between Two Evils, 420

Predictably Dehumanized played death metal and had a CD on Pathos Productions, which belonged to a US metal DJ. Unfortunately he did not do much to promote the band it seems.

New York death metal veterans Dehumanized inked a multi-album contract with US record label Comatose Music in 2012. Controlled Elite was the title of the new album scheduled for world-wide release on November 27th through Comatose Music. The band had broken up in 2000. They reformed in 2004 only to break up once again in 2007. Finally in 2011 the band resurfaced with a new line-up and new music.