Ascending From Below – 2016 - FDA Rekotz
Descending Upon The Oblivious – 2020 - FDA Rekotz

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G= Harmony Dies, Necromorph, Metal Law>>ULF BINDER>>Metal Law – Sufferance, Soiree, Sinners Bleed, Anencephalus, Dazed, Damned Division>>TESK PÖRKSEN

B= Final Dawn, Akrival>>ROUVEN>>Akrival

D= Harmony Dies, Metal Law>>TOTTE [TORSTEN KELLER]>>Metal Law

History & Biography
Formed in 2011 Dehuman Reign strived to play pure death metal. The line-up was solidified in 2012. A recording called Destructive Intent was issued in summer of 2012. The Berlin-based band’s first live performances were undertaken in December of 2012. The German band signed with FDA Rekotz for the release of two albums and an EP. Dehuman Reign's first release; the Destructive Intent EP was due through the label that spring.

Ascending From Below came out in 2016. There was a lyric video for the song Apply Salt To The Open Wound. The group’s line-up was remarkably stable by the time the sophomore record appeared.

The band cancelled a concert in Hamburg called Quayside Death Strike Festival II due to a member contracting COVID in April 2022. Carnal Tomb replaced the boys. The band was booked for the In Flammen festival and a show called Eberswalde in July 2022.



Dehuman Reign