Emanation From Below -2006 - Empire
Gospel Of Maggots - 2010 - Unique Leader
Demiurge Of The Void - 2011 - Unique Leader
Theodicy - 2015 – Selfmadegod
Endemic Divine – 2017 - Selfmadegod
Casus Belli – 2019 – Selfmadegod

Deivos image
S= Jaroslaw Pieńkoś – Jarek – Soul Snatcher, Ulcer>>HUBERT ‘ANGELFUCK’>>Soul Snatcher, Ulcer
G= Engraved, Confusion>>TOMASZ KOŁCON – Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition>>Mścisław [Piotr Bajus]>>Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition - Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition>>MŚCISŁAW [PIOTR BAJUS]>>Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition
B= Jaroslaw Pieńkoś – Abusiveness>>Jarek Pienkos>>Abusiveness – SoulSnatcher, Ulcer>>KAMIL STADNICKI>>SoulSnatcher, Ulcer
D= Moon, Parricide, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition>>KRZYSZTOF "WIZUN" SARAN>>Moon, Parricide, Ulvcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition

This Lublin, Poland band was formed in 1997 by singer Marcin Gorniak and guitarists Tomasz Kolcon and Maciej Nawrocki. The Praised by Generations demo was recorded two years later. A rhythm section was added in 2000. In late 2013, Polish death metal band Deivos signed a deal with Selfmadegod Records for the upcoming release of its fourth full-length. The band was writing new material to be recorded early in 2014 at Zed Studio (Black River, Rootwater, Frontside). The album was tentatively due for release in mid-2014 through Selfmadegod, but was delayed.

The Polish death metal band released a 2015 single called Ochlocracy from its Theodicy full-length through Selfmadegod Records. Poland-based Deivos’ Casus Belli was out through Selfmadegod Records in late 2019. The band was influenced by Cryptopsy.