Emanation From Below -2006 - Empire
Gospel Of Maggots - 2010 - Unique Leader
Demiurge Of The Void - 2011 - Unique Leader
Theodicy - 2015 – Selfmadegod
Endemic Divine – 2017 - Selfmadegod
Casus Belli – 2019 – Selfmadegod

Deivos image
Jaroslaw Pieńkoś – Jarek – Soul Snatcher, Ulcer>>HUBERT ‘ANGELFUCK’>>Soul Snatcher, Ulcer

Engraved, Confusion>>TOMASZ KOŁCON – Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition>>Mścisław [Piotr Bajus]>>Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition - Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition>>MŚCISŁAW [PIOTR BAJUS]>>Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition

Jaroslaw Pieńkoś – Abusiveness>>Jarek Pienkos>>Abusiveness – SoulSnatcher, Ulcer>>KAMIL STADNICKI>>SoulSnatcher, Ulcer

Moon, Parricide, Ulcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition>>KRZYSZTOF "WIZUN" SARAN>>Moon, Parricide, Ulvcer, Abusiveness, Blaze Of Perdition

History & Biography
This Lublin, Poland band was formed in 1997 by singer Marcin Gorniak and guitarists Tomasz Kolcon and Maciej Nawrocki. The Praised by Generations demo was recorded two years later. A rhythm section was added in 2000. In late 2013, Polish death metal band Deivos signed a deal with Selfmadegod Records for the upcoming release of its fourth full-length. The band was writing new material to be recorded early in 2014 at Zed Studio (Black River, Rootwater, Frontside). The album was tentatively due for release in mid-2014 through Selfmadegod, but was delayed.

The Polish death metal band released a 2015 single called Ochlocracy from its Theodicy full-length through Selfmadegod Records. Poland-based Deivos’ Casus Belli was out through Selfmadegod Records in late 2019. The band was influenced by Cryptopsy.