Time Is Progress - 1999 - B.mind
Designed By Violence - 2001 - B.mind
Made For The Violent Age - 2006 - Armageddon

Delirious image

ANDREAS SUPPLIE - Alexander Cwiertnia

Sascha Rachuba - Simon Schröder - CHRISTIAN "SPLETTY" SPLETTSTÖSSER


History & Biography
German thrash metal band Delirious was formed in Hamm in 1990. The band issued the Painful Sorrow demo in 1992 and the Thoughtlessness demo three years later. The band then obtained a deal with German label B.mind and hired Rage’s Victor Smolski to produce its debut. The label also issued the band’s second demo as an EP in 1997. The band toured with Testament before completing a second album. Bassist Rachuba would depart soon however. The band played with Desaster in 2004 and was part of the Rock Hard festival in 2005 on its warm-up night. A new 2006 album was issued through Armageddon Music following the bankruptcy of the previous label five years earlier. The band spent 2006 on the road in Germany playing at various festivals. The band disappeared and then reappeared to issuea 2015 demo called Moshcircus.


The third album of the German band is called Made For The Violent Age, but it could just as easily have been called Made For The Fan Who Already Owns Every Other Thrash Metal Album. Where shall we begin? Is it the rehashed musical mix of Heathen and Testament or the copied vocals of Tom Angelripper and Chuck Billy that singer Markus Bednarek so loves? It might be the boring songs, which by all rights should not exist, or another cover of Iron Butterfly’s In A Gadda Da Vida that nails the coffin shut? Likely, it is a combination of all those factors.
On a song-by-song basis, Hate Trader is an attempt by the singer to actually sing, an attempt that falls flat figuratively and literally. My Friends is a slow song with painful vocals and minimal music. Down On Myself is more slow stuff, although a lead guitar reminiscent of the NWOBHM days makes an appearance. Sleep In Peace is the band’s attempt at a slow doom track, although the song probably fell of the truck somewhere. The quintet shows off its abilities on Hate Trader. It does not work. And, of yeah, there are a couple of thrash songs there too.
Delirious is just that if thinks it can get away with this album. It has nothing go for it save for the feeling of a sinking ship. - Anna Tergel