One (Hellboud) - 2006 - Metal Blade
Two (Poverty) - 2007 - Metal Blade

S= Whiskytits, Deadmen, Kvlthammer>>NATE OLP>>Whiskytits, Deadmen, Kvlthammer
D= Christopher Cruz - Black Arrows Of Filth & Impurity, Christ Beheaded, Sacred Leather, Wretch>>DUSTIN BOLTJES>>Black Arrows Of Filth & Impurity, Christ Beheaded, Sacred Leather, Wretch

Indianapolis-based Demiricous came together in 2001 and soon added guitarist Parrish to its ranks. The band issued demos in 2003 and 2004 and signed with Metal Blade Records. Zeuss who had also worked with Shadows Fall and The Red Chord recorded the debut album. This disc featured an extra Japanese only track called Crucifice. A tour with Himsa and Ringworm soon followed. Another tour with Grave and Vital Remains followed. Brand New Sin drummer Mike Rafferty was recruited for the trek. The band was glad to hear Tom Araya of Slayer give the band the nod and his approval. A second album was released in late 2007 which was produced by Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan. A 2020 demo was named Fuck It… We’ll Do It Live.


Hands up all who have felt Slayer’s grip on aggression, power and innovation has steadily slipped in the last fifteen years. Most honest observers will admit that while Slayer remains a potent force a general malaise has set within the band which has transformed the unbridled kings of thrash metal into something of a metal comfort food. The band is resting on its laurels issuing same-old albums that probably suffer due to the band’s comfortable perch, love for Korn, admiration for hardcore, choice of trendy producers or a general lack of desire. One way or the other, it is quite sad to see Slayer rehash glories and succumb to the kind of rationalizing to which lesser bands resort. Referring to its latest album one might hear a member of Slayer say something like “this latest album has us back on track in a way that we have not been for the last x number of years” and then repeat the same idiom three years later.
Enter Demiricous! This band of young American thrashers is everything Slayer was, should be and fans want it to be, but isn’t nowadays. Taking the sound of newer Slayer and injecting just enough doses of hardcore and down picking to matter the band is Slayer, albeit with young energy. Casting aside any pretension to originality - the band’s one and major flaw - Demiricous plays riffs, solos and beats that are headbangingly hard, but full of dynamism. Leprosaic Belief punishes with the unbridled energy that was DRI’s seminal Crossover, while Language Of Oblivion and Acid Lung punish with brutal riffs. Celebration Of Damage gives a nod to Celtic Frost. The solos are quite alright and the bass, which pumps up occasionally, shows an appreciation for D.D. Verni. Speaking of which, the album’s closing number Blackish Silver is all over Overkill’s Horrorscope. One might as well clone the best. - Ali “The Metallian”