Above The Unworthy - 2015 - Ungodly Ruins
The Oblivious Lure – 2019 – Everlasting Spew

Demiurgon image
S= Hatred, Xenofaction, Instigate>>STEFANO BORCIANI>>Xenofaction, Instigate
G= Hatred, Unbirth, Valgrind, Uncreation>>EMANUELE OTTANI>>Unbirth, Valgrind, Uncreation – Hatred, Darkend>>DANIELE BENINCASA>>Darkend
B= Unbirth, Discordance, Saturno, K.T.S.>>UMBERTO PONCINA>>Unbirth, Discordance, Saturno, K.T.S.
D= Imbolc, Darkend, Uncreation>>RICCARDO VALENTI>>Imbolc, Darkend, Uncreation

New Italian death metal act Demiurgon (featuring members from Unbirth and Darkend) signed with Ungodly Ruins Productions (RUS) in 2015 for the release its debut album Above The Unworthy. It would be out on May 31st. Everlasting Spew Records issued Demiurgon’s The Oblivious Lure in 2019.

Cult Of Iconoclasm was a 2021 demo. Il Culto Cannibale followed in the same year.

The group appeared at Old Grave Fest 9 in 2022. A tour with Anal Vomt was cancelled due to flight issues (repotedly), but Hateful and Demiurgon marched on.