Tortured Existence - 1991 - Century Media
Epidemic Of Violence - 1992 - Century Media
Time Bomb - 1994 - Century Media


G= James Reilly>>Deviate N.Y. - DEREK SYKES
D= Vinny Daze [Vincent Civitano]>>Deviate N.Y. - Solstice, Malevolent Creation, Resurrection>>Alex Marquez>>Anger, Sargon


Demolition Hammer managed a good reputation in the underground with the Skull Fracturing Nightmare demo of 1988 and the Necrology demo of 1989. After coming to the attention of Robert Kampf of Century Media through a writer at Rock Hard magazine, the NY thrashers entered Morrisound Studio and recorded a strong first album. Two European tours and one US/Canadian tour ensued. Recording at Normandy Sound Studio to stray from the Morrisound sound, the band's follow-up was no less vicious and convincing. A Canadian tour with Deicide, Cancer, etc. followed.

For album number three, which saw a reorientation towards Pantera, the band's new lineup (original tattoo artist Daze and guitarist Reilly were gone) saw less of a demand for its new style and faded from sight. Reilly and Daze (the latter was roadieing for bands like Deicide) tried their hands at a new true thrash band called Deviate N.Y. which was lead by Daze, but the latter's demise cuts all plans short. Deviate N.Y. had a 1995 demo. Daze's death was rumoured by some to be the result of a poison picked up during an African trip! The truth was more likely that he passed away because of an undiagnosed genetic heart condition.

The band had their three albums receive the ‘best-of’ treatment in 2008. Necrology: A Complete Anthology was out through Century Media.

In 2016, Demolition Hammer reformed and scheduled a concert for Friday, June 17th at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York. The band was original members Steve Reynolds (vocals and bass) and guitarists James Reilly and Derek Sykes. New to the line-up was drummer Angel Cotte (Immortal Flesh, Eyes Like Cyanide, etc.). The band would appear at The Maryland Deathfest on May 29th. Demolition Hammer would commomorate the 25th anniversary of its Epidemic Of Violence album by performing it in its entirety June 24 2017 at the Gramercy Theater in New York City, USA. A reformed Demolition Hammer played at the Keep It True festival in Germany on April 28 2017. Demolition Hammer played at the Heavy Montreal festival in Montreal, Canada on July 28th 2019.



Demolition Hammer