Burn Rubber - 1995 - Long Island
Heroes - 2000 - Breaker
Rock And Roll Star - 2001 - Point

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Mad Max, Pretty Maids, Sinner>>Angel Schleifer>>Charade - THORSTEN KOEHNE>>Code Of Perfection

Casanova>>JOCHEN MAYER>>Boysvoice, Domain

Letter X>>FRANK KRAUS>>Code Of Perfection

Casanova>>Axel Urban>>Casanova

History & Biography
Demon Drive is really Casanova. Demon Drive kicked into action when Casanova was inactive, without a contract (debut) or in litigation with a couple of ex-members as in Heroes.

The band was a German hard rock band which followed its debut with an EP called Hot Rubber. The EP was also on the AOR label Long Island. To makes matters funnier Koehne, who joined the band in 2000, had auditioned for Casanova in 1991! Furthermore, before getting bogged down and dying a premature death Casanova released an album called Heroes.

Michael Wagener mixed Rock And Roll Star. The album featured a guest appearance by Lee Aaron. Voss was also the producer and founder of Silver which recruited Gary Barden of MSG fame as vocalist. The band called it a day in mid-2003. Jochen Mayer joined Domain in 2004, passing on joining the reunited Casanova. Jochen Mayer and Frank Kraus could be heard in 2008 on American guitarist Iain Ashley Hersey’s album.



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