Prepare For War - 1995 - Evil Omen
Stormblade - 1996 - Evil Omen
The Fire And The Wind - 1999 - Osmose

Demoniac image
Adramolech [Mark Hamill] - BEHEMOTH [LINDSAY DAWSON]>>The Skull

HEIMDALL [SAM TOTMAN]>>DragonHeart, Power Quest, Shadow Warriors, DragonForce - SHRED [HERMAN LI]>>DragonHeart, DragonForce

Behemoth [Lindsay Dawson]>>The Skull – Phoenix, Voice Of Destruction>>DICCON HARPER>>Voice Of Destruction, DragonHeart, DragonForce, Lucifer, Solstice, Pagan Altar

Adramolech [Mark Hamill]>>Disjecta Membra - MATEJ SETINC>>DragonHeart

MC Magnus

History & Biography
Demoniac was formed in May of 1993 as a black metal band in the real down under New Zealand. A rehearsal with five songs and a demo called The Birth Of Diabolic Blood were released and the band lost its drummer and became a trio. Demoniac released a 7" called Moonblood on United Blasphemy Records. Starting with Stormblade the band incorporated a wider array of influences and began sounding more melodious. The band also moved to England for good in 1997 for, "the scene is really bad" in New Zealand. With Shred and Slovenian drummer Matej joining in 1998 the band produced a third album (with Mags recording) that was even more diverse than before. Demoniac split up in 2001. Members went on to fame and fortune in DragonForce.


I knew this was going to happen. The inevitable has come to pass. As experienced first ten years ago by heavy metal bands, and some five years later with death metal bands, now it is the turn of the modern black metal bands to wimp out. It really is as simple as that. The uncompromising evil worshippers of 1995 are making mention of "melody", "structure" and even "heavy metal". And let me guarantee that Ancient will not be the first or the last to undergo the metamorphosis. The new Immortal is already a changed band. The No Fashion roster is turning itself towards Iron Maiden worship. More examples will follow, but back to New Zealand's Ancient. Stormblade being its second album, the band has truly morphed into mixing its high speed blackened assault with many direct and indirect Iron Maiden bits and pieces. At times coming over as pure heavy metal, songs like Burn The Witch and Red Light feature melody and wailing guitar like there's no tomorrow. Into the Cavern Light begins exactly like an Iron Maiden song (hint: 1982), Fight the War begins by ripping off Iron Maiden again (hint number two: 1983), and so on. Phew, what a difference a couple of years make. But, you know the saying: the more things change, the more they stay the same... - Ali "The Metallian"