Servants Of The Unlight - 2007 - Cyclone Empire
Hellsworn - 2009 - Cyclone Empire
Death Infernal - 2011 - Cyclone Empire
Darkness Unbound - 2013 - Cyclone Empire
Chaos Manifesto – 2018 - Agonia
World Domination – 2020 - Agonia
Mass Destroyer – 2022 - Agonia

Demonical image
S= Unchaste, Remasculate>>Ludde Engella>>Remasculate, Talion, Crushed Skull, One Day In Pain - Diabolical>>Sverker 'Widda' Widgren>>Diabolical, Centinex – Volturyon, Spasmodic, Centinex, Moondark, October Tide>>Alexander Högbom>>Spasmodic, Centinex, Moondark, October Tide - Hell Patrol, Fimbultyr>>CHRISTOFER SÄTERDAL>>Fimbultyr

G= Asocial, Centinex, Interment, Regurgitate, Uncanny, Moondark>>Johan Jansson>>Interment, Regurgitate, Moondark, Asocial, October Tide, Uncanny, Die Hard, Entombed A.D., Dreadful Fate - Metaphor, Spasmodic, Ikhon>>JOHAN HAGLUND>>Spasmodic, Ikhon - In Aeternum, Zodiac Ciphers, Skulldrain, Undivine>>EKI KUMPULAINEN>>Skulldrain, Undivine

B= Centinex, Interment, Visions>>MARTIN SCHULMAN>>Interment, Visions

D= Centinex, Amaran, World Below, Triton Enigma, Grave>>Ronnie Bergerståhl>>Amaran, World Below, Triton Enigma, Grave, Nattas, Bloodofjupiter, Entombed A.D., Goathead – Tormention, Crawl, Sanity Assassin>>Ämir Batar>>Tormention, Crawl, Sanity Assassin - Centinex, Dellamorte, Interment, Moondark, Uncanny>>Kennet Englund>>Centinex, Interment, Moondark, Uncanny - Centinex, Amaran, World Below, Triton Enigma, Grave, Bloodofjupiter, Entombed A.D., Nattas, Goathead>>RONNIE BERGERSTÅL>>World Below, Nattas, Goathead

History & Biography
Formed in Sweden by former Centinex crew in 2006 Demonical soon recorded a demo called Bloodspell Divine. The band entered Black Lounge and Necromorbus Studios and recorded an album called Servants Of The Unlight in the winter of 2007. It was released in the spring of the same year. The same year produced a split with Absu. At the end of 2008, Demonical was recording its next album, Hellsworn, at Necromorbus Studio. The studio’s owner Sverker "Widda" Widgren (of Diabolical) had also joined the band. Johan Jansson was an early singer for the band. The album featured David of Dismember and Ola of Grave as guests. The group also announced a May, 2009 tour with Torture Killer and Facebreaker.

Demonical picked Death Infernal as the title for its third album, which was due in April 2011 through Germany's Cyclone Empire Records. Swedish tech-death band Volturyon was confirmed to take part in the Eastern Death Infernal Tour 2011 with Demonical. The tour would run from October 26th to November 12th, focusing mainly on the Baltic and Eastern European territories. Demonical drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl was sitting out the band’s Eastern Death Infernal Tour 2011 due to “other commitments.” The Swedes recruited Witchery’s stool man. In late 2011, the band officially parted ways with drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl and replaced him with Fredrik Widigs. Just two months after joining Pablo Magallanes left the band in February. His predecessor Johan Jansson is back. Demonical would release a 2013 full-length album, Darkness Unbound, on September 20th through Cyclone Empire. The album was recorded at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Guitarist Johan Haglund (Spasmodic) and drummer Ämir Batar (Tormention) have joined the band. A European tour was forthcoming. Demonical release an album called Chaos Manifesto through Agonia Records on March 23rd 2018. Kennet Englund drummed now. Alexander Högbom was on vocals.

World Domination of 2020 was supported through videos for the songs My Kingdom Done and Slipping Apart. Ronnie Bergerstål was back on drums and Christofer Säterdal was on vocals. Demonical had a video for the song Wrathspawn in late 2022. The song was on the band’s Mass Destroyer album, which was out through Agonia Records. The band played at the Across The Open Sea in Denmark and Berlin Deathfest and was booked at Baden In Blut Deutschland for 2023 after playing there in 2022. The band was booked for Næstved Metalfest in Denmark in August 2024.