Punished By Ignorance - 1995 - Morbid Granny

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S= Mythic>>DANA DUFFEY - Jon Vesano>>Darkmoon
G= Jon Vesano>>Darkmoon
B= Jon Vesano>>Darkmoon
D= Scott>>Darkmoon

Formed in 1992 by Duffey of Mythic fame, the death/black band recorded a demo called Deceiving The Heavens in 1993. The tape attracted Robert Deathrage of the Meatshits who signed the band and released the debut on his Morbid Granny Records.
Several demos and sampler appearances followed, but the band was put to the side when Duffey became a mother. Simultaneously the band was undergoing differences of opinion.
A collection of the band's music was made into a CD called Demonic Battle Metal which was released by Cryonics Records.
The former musicians formed Darkmoon leaving Duffey to pursue Demonic Christ. Duffey has and often expresses Satanic and Aryan racist points of view.



Demonic Christ