Demonized - 2003 - Osmose

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Disgorge, Ravager>>ANTIMO BUONNANO>>Disgorge, Ravager

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Disgorge, Ravager, Impiety>>ANTIMO BUONNANO>>Disgorge, Ravager, Impiety

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History & Biography
Mexico's Demonized came together in early 2000 and in March of 2000 released a two-song rehearsal featuring an original and a Metal Church cover. Mexico's American Line Productions got hold of the tape and proposed a split-CD with Domain called Hellbirth.
The band entered Ambox Studio in January of 2002 to record an album for Evil Vengeance Records which was owned by former Angel Corpse's Gene Palubicki. When the label did not work out, Demonized signed to France's Osmose Productions and released its debut in August. The album was mastered by Erik Rutan at Mana Studio.


The new and debut CD of Demonized - the band staffed by members of Disgorge and Ravager - is a testament to the vibrant vitality of death metal in 2003. The trio of Samuel Olvera, Oscar Garcia and Antimo Buonnano have conjured eight songs of entertaining brutality using only the basics of the genre. The album is largely original, but references to the faster parts of Incantation and the power of Dark Funeral can be heard. Christ Carnage, in particular, is reminiscent of Incantation, while Magick Obscure ends with a hyper-fast part that could have come from a Disgorge album. The album's powerful riffs, earnest growls, precision drumming and fast attacks are the makings of a very good death metal CD. Repeated and special mention goes to Garcia's proficient skin bashing - a man who maintains the speed of death metal while making use of his entire kit. Here is to hoping that Demonized is an on-going concern. - Ali "The Metallian"