Deathtrain - 2002 - Arctic
Art Of The Insane - 2003 - Arctic

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Total Death>>Ponta Sjösten - TOMAS ANDERSSON>>Freevil


Total Death>>ROGER BLOMBERG>>Freevil

Total Death>>Ponta Sjösten - AKE DANIELSSON

History & Biography
Denata is a thrash metal act from Sweden. Sjösten was a founding member, but it was not until later that the band was completed by another Total Death member by the name of Blomberg. Total Death had been active in the ‘80s. The band issued a CD laden with cover versions, the Departed To Hell demo CD in 2000, featuring ten tracks, and signed with Arctic Music for a recoding contract.

During the summer of 2002, drummer and singer Ponta Sjösten left Denata because of serious damage to his ears and was replaced by drummer Ake Danielsson. Singer and guitarist Tomas Andersson assumed responsibility for all vocals. In other news, the band had begun writing for its new album, which was to again be released by Arctic Music. The band entered the studio in October to record the album with Seance's Mique recording.

Art Of The Insane was released in late August of 2003.

In a statement in May of 2004, the band announced its decision to call it quits. According to the band, "April 25 the day we never thought would come but it did. The lack of inspiration has been overwhelmed the last months and our motto has always been to do what we do because it's fun. It hasn't been fun the latest months and because of that we have decided to move on and do something totally different to get the inspiration back. You will probably see us in different bands in the future but right now we just need to settle down and do nothing for a while. Metal is our life and I'm pretty sure we'll meet again, somehow, somewhere." That prediction came true when Andersson and Blomberg joined with aforementioned Mique in Freevil in 2006.


Laden with the age old themes of metal supremacy, humour and necrophilia, Denata's independently released MCD comes chock full of fun'n games in the guise of tracks like Necro Erection (the band has the hots for fellow Swedes Necrophobic), Happy Days (described as when the band goes girl watching at a local high school), Sent From Hell (about a band experience at McDonald's) and of course the rocking Mistress of Buffalo Shit (dealing with the topic of lost love and abandoned relationships). Musically the band specializes in thrash metal as perfected by the likes of early Sacrifice and Dark Angel. The songs are short and generally played with no frills. Send $10 to the same town that spawned death metal heroes Seance to get this CD: Tomas Andersson, Norrsattersgatan 5A, 586 63 Linkoping Sweden.