They Rise - 2007 - Ibex Moon
Horror Holocaust - 2011 - Ibex Moon

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S= Mantas, Death, Abhorrent Existence, Urizen, Phlegethon, Kauldron, Soulskinner, Cadaverizer, Massacre, Hateplow, Skincrawler, Bware, Phlegethon, Shadows With Knives>>Kam Lee [Barney Kamalani Lee]>>Abhorrent Existence, Urizen, Phlegethon, Kauldron, Soulskinner, Cadaverizer, Massacre, Hateplow, Skincrawler, Bone Gnawer, My Black Omen, Shadows With Knives, Bware, Corpse Rot, Massacre X, Troikadon – The Accüsed, The Fartz, Toe Tag>>BLAINE COOK>>The Accüsed, Toe Tag
G= Massacre, Down By Law, The Spears>>SAM WILLIAMS
B= Massacre, Death, Six Feet Under, Obituary, Corpse Rot, Hideous, Left to Die>>TERRY BUTLER>>Six Feet Under, Obituary, Corpse Rot, Hideous, Inhuman Condition, Left To Die
D= Massacre, Havoc Mass, Low Brow, Nasty Savage>>Curtis Beeson>>Nasty Savage, Fester – No Fraud, The Spears, D.R.I>>ROB RAMPY>>D.R.I.

Florida-based Denial Fiend is a death metal band staffed by former Massacre and Death fiends. The band was lead by the outspoken Kam Lee until his departure in 2008. He and drummer Beeson left in early 2008 due to “musical differences.” The act was formed in 2006 and issued a debut album in 2007, but demos called 4.23.06 Rehearsal Tape, 2006 Demo and Dead Awakening were already in existence. Denial Fiend was indeed announced as the opening act for Massacre in Europe in 2007. Earlier, it was announced a European tour is cancelled as Lee could not procure a passport.

Denial Fiend is releasing Horror Holocaust on August 2nd through Ibex Moon Records. Recorded at Mana Studio, the album featured the line-up of drummer Rob Rampy (DRI and The Spears), vocalist Blaine Cook (The Accused and The Fartz), bassist Terry Butler (Death, Six Feet Under, Massacre and Obituary) and guitarist Sam Williams (Down By Law and The Spears). Horror Holocaust also featured guest appearances from Steve Swanson (Six Feet Under), Ralph Santolla (Deicide and Obituary) and James Murphy (Agent Steel and Disincarnate).

The band's name ostensibly was inspired by the alias for Hellhammer's drummer, Bruce Day, but one cannot notice that Chuck of Death had a band called Control Denied as well. Kam and Chuck did not always see eye-to-eye. Denial Fiend announced a string of US dates with Obituary next. The tour would kick off in Tampa, Florida on November 12th 2011.



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