World Cremation – 2010 – Hell’s Headbangers
Almighty Alcanum – 2013 - Hell’s Headbangers
Black Sun Unbound – 2016 - Hell’s Headbangers
Forever Burning – 2022 - Agonia

Denouncement Pyre image
Hunters Moon>>DECAYLUST/D [PAUL LANG]>>Hunters Moon

Nocturnal Graves>>DECAYLUST/D [PAUL LANG]>>Nocturnal Graves

Eidölon, Order Of Orias, Funerary Pit, Nocturnal Graves>>R. [R. PRAIN]>>Funerary Pit, Nocturnal Graves

Chaos Theory, Adamus Exul, Order Of Orias, Nocturnal Graves, Funerary Pit>>L. [LUKE WILSON]>>Funerary Pit

History & Biography
The band came together in 2003 and introduced itself through The Storm To End All Wars demo of 2004. J. Eradicator was on drums to start, but switched to guitar until his departure in 2007. Chris Volcano of Destroyer 666 took over the stool from him. A live demo called Barbaric Vengeance was culled from a Melbourne show. A 2006 single was entitled Under The Aegis Of Damnation. A 2006 EP was called Hells Infantry.

Hell’s Headbangers joined hands, banged their heads and released the group’s full-length World Cremation. Decaylust was the sole member. Portal’s Denny Blake drummed. A 7” was called Darkness Manifest. The act released its second album, Almighty Alcanum, on January 22nd, 2013 through Hells Headbanger. It was the follow-up to 2010’s World Cremation. R. was on bass and L. drummed. The band opened for Sabbat in Australia in 2018.

The band signed with Agonia Records in mid-2021. Australia-based Denouncement Pyre had a lyric video for The Liberating Fires Of Moloch single in 2022. The track was from band’s Forever Burning album, which would be released through Agonia Records in June. The album was recorded at the band’s own studio, apart from the drums, which were recorded at The Black Lodge Studio. The band played a show alongside Psycroptic.

One cannot be in Denouncement Pyre without being in Nocturnal Graves and vice-versa. The band incorporates world sounds into its intros, etc.



Denouncement Pyre