Decadence And Lust – 2001 - Warpath
Dive Into Psycho Terror – 2014 – M&O
Raped Innocence – 2020 – Music-Records

Depraved image
S= Kristoff Henry - KRISTOFF HENRY

G= Mortuary>>GILLES PINCET – Cédric Gérard>>Mortuary - Mortuary>>CÉDRIC GÉRARD>>Mortuary

B= Traktor, Mortuary, Wolfen>>JEAN-NOËL VERBECQ>>Mortuary

D= Franck Mathieu

History & Biography
The band from Nancy was formed in 1992. It lasted until 2004 when the band went away only to return in 2011. Early demos were 1994’s (Welcome) In Our World Of Depravity and 1995’s Sexual Killer. The band was establishing a pattern of deviant grindcore. A self-titled demo lead to a 1998 full-length demo called Sexual Depravity... and Pleasure To Suffer. Warpath Records of France signed the band and issued Decadence And Lust. Cédric Gérard left in 2002. Kristoff Henry left in 2003. Nonetheless, three years later the band was on the demo path again with Unsuitable Bondage Scheme, which featured singer Jeremy NunuS. Jean-Noël Verbecq joined in 2012. France’s M&O Music issued Dive Into Psycho Terror in 2014. Depraved returned with a new album, called Raped Innocence, through Music-Records on February 7th, 2020.


Boy, Warpath Records seems to take its output seriously. Depraved is one fast band. Veterans of the French underground scene, Depraved might be known to some either via their demos or the many concerts they have played in France with Sinister, Napalm Death and others. Each song here is either about a serial killer or a grotesque crime. It is pure speedy death metal with a vocalist who switches between screaming and growling at will. Except Depraved lends a sexual bent to to everything they do. The cover, the songs, the web site (, etc. all point at debauchery and fans should take that into consideration. Decadence & Lust is the band's second CD, yet a first on a label.