Sighting - 2000 - Shindy
Psychomantium Phenomenon – 2003 - Shindy
Morph - Near Death Experiences – 2009 - Shindy

Depresy image
S= Dragon - Essence Of Existence>>VESPER>>Essence Of Existence
G= Shimi [Roman Filo] – DIRRT [ROMAN SPATNY] – Maltum, Thalarion>>MICHAEL [MICHAL ZACKO]
B= Martych – Maltum>>GABRIEL
D= Elevo [Roman Laššo]>>Tristana, Dehydrated
K= Essence Of Existence, Galadriel>>Džana [Jana Fujaková]>>Galadriel, Aeon Winds, Distant Shapes

This mob was born in August 1991 and less than a year later released the If Dream Will Be Real demo. While this tape wasn't truly circulated, 1993's In Embrace Of The Dying was. The year after got the band an appearance on the Wretched People In The Real World compilation with two new songs. They also appeared on the sampler Death Metal Made In Slovakia. Another demo was recorded called ...And There Came The Tears With Christ which saw re-release through Shindy Production. In January of 1998 came the A Grand Magnificence MCD. The band has played live with Grave, Vader, Krabathor and numerous other Czech and Slovak bands. A split 7" was planned with Canadian band Neuraxis. The song The Antichrist's philosophy is already released on Neuraxis-owned Neoblast compilation CD.

Džana was added on keyboards for the third album! Roman "Elevo" Laššo left in 2016. The band issued a demo called MMXVIII in 2018 after years of inactivity.