Rated-X - 1995 - Repulse
High On Blood - 1998 - Regain
III - 2000 - Listenable
Deranged - 2001 - Listenable
Plainfield Cemetary - 2002 - Listenable
Obscenities In B Flat - 2006 - Listenable
The Redlight Murder Case - 2008 - Regain
Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve - 2011 - Sevared
Struck By A Murderous Siege – 2016 – Agonia
Deeds Of Ruthless Violence – 2020 - Agonia

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Per Gyllenback - Moonstruck>>Fredrik Sandberg>>Moonstruck - Murder Corporation>>Johan Anderberg>>Murder Corporation – Feared Creation>>Calle Fäldt>>Feared Creation – Splattered Mermaids, Virgin Sin, RazorRape>>Martin Schönherr>>RazorRape, Splattered Mermaids, Virgin Sin – Quest Of Aidance, Carnalized, Vomitous>>Anders Johansson>>Carnalized, Vomitous – Havok, Splattered Mermaids, Pandemonium, Resonance Cascade, Visceral Bleeding, The Gardnerz>>JOHAN BERGSTRÖM>>Pandemonium, Resonance Cascade, Visceral Bleeding, The Gardnerz

Enuresis, Murder Corporation, Killaman>>Johan Axelsson>>Enuresis, Murder Corporation, Killaman, Thorium - Arsonist, Monolith, End>>THOMAS AHLGREN

Cerebral Pares>>Jean-Paul Asenov - Inverted, Murder Corporation>>Dan Bengtsson>>Murder Corporation - Murder Corporation>>Johan Anderberg>>Murder Corporation - Feared Creation>>Calle Faldt>>Feared Creation, The Forsaken – Havok, Bergraven, Stilla, Resonance Cascade>>ANDREAS JOHANSSON>>Bergraven, Stilla, Resonance Cascade

Carbuncle, Cerebrial Pares, Enuresis, Murder Corporation, Killaman, El Camino>>RIKARD WERMEN>>Enuresis, Murder Corporation, Killaman, El Camino

History & Biography
Deranged is Sweden's answer to Carcass, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. The brutal band was formed in 1990 and soon thereafter recorded The Confessions Of A Necrophile demo. The group appeared on stage for the first time in December of 1991. Japan's Obliteration Records releases the 7" EP The Confessions Continues, which is essentially a re-release. At this time, the band gets an album deal with Repulse Records, which releases the MCD The Architects Of Perversion thus properly putting the band on the map. The band covers In League With Satan for a Venom cover album and also appeared on a Repulse sampler. This MCD featured solos by Mike Amott, which the band later claimed were spontaneously done in the studio!

MMI Records of Germany releases another 7" called Upon The Medical Slab. As expected, the band's cover artwork receives the censor's treatment and is banned in many locations. Rated-X - whose cover was unsuitable for most pressing plants - is next. The first two thousand copies featured a second CD, an EP called Sculpture Of The Dead. This EP was meant for Germany’s Invasion Records. The song Killing Spree becomes an amazing video. This album is followed by High On Blood, which no longer features singer Per Gyllenback who is now busy with his Wrong Again Records label. In this period, the band loses a proposed contract with Invasion Records. As it turned out Invasion had believed Amott to be a full-time member of Deranged and was only interested in Amott's name and presence. The proposed MCD called Sculpture Of The Dead appears as a bonus to the first 2000 copies of Rated-X.

The band later signed to Per's new venture Regain Records. As mandated by the laws of the Kingdom of Sweden, all Deranged members partake in two-dozen side projects. Deranged was touring Europe with Vomitory, Mangled and Dawn Of Decay. As well the band's new album III was released in Japan with four bonus tracks.

2001's self-titled album is Anderberg's last one. Rogga Johansson is announced as the band's singer at that point. Plainfield Cemetary appeared in September, 2002 and features new singer and bassist Calle Fäldt. A short tour with Amputated and Skinned followed. The band recruited bassist Tomas Ahlgren of Arsonist and Pandemonium in late 2006. The group and Listenable Records parted ways in 2007. The band then recorded a demo and signed with Regain Records, which was owned and managed by its former frontman Per. A new album called The Red Light Murder Case was due in the autumn. Following Axelsson and Wemén’s departure, the rest of the band decided to split up in 2008. Axelsson joined Thorium. A predictably reformed Deranged was to play at 2009’s Gothenburg Deathfest, which was set to take place October 3rd at Henriksberg in Gothenburg, Sweden. Martin Schönherr was the singer. In 2011, Deranged was in Berno Studio again recording its eighth album, Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve, which would be released through Sevared Records. Martin Schönherr was on vocals. The group’s five-song EP, Morgue Orgy, would be released on CD in early 2013 through Sevared Records. Deranged signed to Agonia Records in the spring of 2016. The group's follow-up to 2011's Cut Carve Rip Serve album will be recorded this summer for an autumn release. The gang release its new album called Struck By A Murderous Siege, which was the first for Agonia Records, on October 28th. It was the follow-up to 2011’s Cut Carve Rip Serve. Bergström became the singer in 2017.

Johan Axelsson also works as an engineer having recorded many acts.


Sweden's most violent band, the interminable Deranged are back with a new label, new line up (now a trio) and a new style. Lay down your alarm bells; it is still frighteningly tight, death metal. The band slashes with such fury that no older fan will come away unbruised. The screaming riffs ride the blasting drums as if en route to battle the heavens. The vocalist spits on all that is weak today as he pours his bile upon mankind via songs like Razor(rection), festering...and Ripped Raped Randomized. Yet Deranged 1999 is more controlled and less hectic than the two classics of the genre Rated X and High on Blood. The band have brought their frenzy under control and made sure that death metal is a controlled substance, with the members holding the test tube. Still, even if more conventional, this disc will kill 100 Cradle of hype fans just by exposure. III may not come with a warning label, but you have been warned. - Ali "The Metallian"

It is no secret to anyone who sifts and sorts through the current metal scene that Sweden has relinquished the superiority in cutting-edge death metal it possessed some four years ago. That former hotbed for extreme metal is now, according to Ali “The Metallian” run over by either run-of-the-mill melodic/harmonic or commercially viable crossover bands. Right? Well, partially. - 1995

The story of Deranged, those practitioners of 1995’s heaviest death metal, begins in late 1990. Just across from Copenhagen in neighbouring Denmark, Per Gyllenback (vocals) and his childhood friend Rickard Wermen (drums) decided to form a band whose name is inspired by a horror film they adore. It is Rickard who asks the guitarist from his previous bands Carbuncle and Cerebral Pares, as well as bassist Jean Paul Asenov, also of Cerebral Pares, to join Deranged. With a line-up secured, the quartet appeared on stage for the first time in December of ’91. An experience, which the band now dismisses as, “not so good.” Not easily deterred, Deranged again borrowed (this time the subtitle) from its favourite movie and released the Confessions Of A Necrophile demo. The songs later appeared on a 7” courtesy of Japan’s Obliteration Records, an experience which propelled the band to record and release another 7” this time on Germany’s MMI Records. Not garnering any bigger label interest, the Swedes proceeded to record five songs independently. Always able to sniff out talent, Spain’s Repulse Records quickly signed the band and released the five songs on CD. Entitled Architects Of Perversions, and featuring ex-Carcass soloist Mike Amott on three songs, the release showcased Deranged’s hyper brutal death metal, whose extreme assault was executed with both guitar melodies and a huge distorted bass. Every wimp, poser and self-appointed professor of metal tells us over and over that death metal is dead, as if everyone should jump on the bandwagon and listen to My Dying Bride now. Proving such automatons wrong is the four young Swedes.

Now on the eve of the release of the debut full-length album, Rated-X, through Repulse Records, Pit delves into the latest surrounding the band.

Vocalist Per elaborates in his cautious English, “The new album features our new bassist Dan, who used to be in Inverted. The first two thousand pressings will be in the double CD format. The second CD is a mini and is called Sculpture Of The Dead. This mini-CD was supposed to be released on Invasion Records, although they eventually changed their mind and never released it!”

Judging by repeated listens to Rated-X, I can say with certainty that the album is poised to challenge the title of the heaviest piece of music. Titles like Killing Spree or Clim(axe) flood out of the speakers with incredible power. “The music is well-written,” describes Per in a modest tone. “The album was recorded at Berno Studio (where Seance has recorded in the past) and sounds very good. It has turned out really well - especially my vocals. It is utterly extreme death metal.”

Per further continues, “The albums titles are inspired by the lyrics we’ve written for it. Additionally, I think it is an original title. Watch out for the album if you like extreme music. We played so fast that we finished our cover of the three-minute long Rolling Stones song in just a minute and a half!.”

Per, Rickard, Dan and guitarist Johan Axelsson have just completed a German tour with Dead. The band is working on a European tour with In Flames for this autumn. As for North America...

This interview initially appeared in Pit Magazine No. 15.

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