In Death We Meet – 2015 - Ibex Moon

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Eviscium>>SHARON BASCOVSKY>>Eviscium

Eviscium>>SHARON BASCOVSKY>>Eviscium

Mary Bielich>>Mythic, China Blue, Wormhole, November's Doom, Em Sinfonia, Penance, Slag-9, Behind Enemy Lines

Mythic>>Terri Heggen>>Mythic, Slag-9 – Nunslaughter, Sanhedrin, Adobe Cyote, Blood Of Christ>>Jim Sadist>>Nunslaughter, All That Is Evil, Schnauzer, The Spawn Of Satan, Gravewürm

History & Biography
Derketa (the Stygian goddess of death) was a short-lived US metal band which ended up (mostly) as Mythic. 1989 brought a two-song demo and 1990 saw a four-song demo released. The band released an EP on Seraphic Decay Records, which featured two re-recorded demo songs. After two members departed to form Mythic, the band was dormant until ten years later saw the band (i.e. Sharon) release a split 7" with Nunslaughter! Necroharmonic Productions released a Derketa sampler in 2001. The legend lived on. Necroharmonic Productions finally issued a sampler called Goddess Of Death in 2003.

The band was also working on an album called In Death We Meet. The band was officially Sharon Bascovsky (vocals and guitars), Heather (bass) and Nunslaughter's Jim Sadist (drums). Nevertheless, Jared Altamare of Eviscium was scheduled to play the drums in that particular studio session. Robin Mazen, a roadie by trade, became the bassist in 2006.

Derkéta - featuring alumni from Novembers Doom, Penance, Demonomacy, Cattle Decapitation and more - would reissue the In Death We Meet full-length through Ibex Moon in June of 2015 three years after issuing it as a demo. Mary Bielich had been back by this time, albeit on guitar. Jim Sadist died in 2015.