Gore And Perversion - 1995 - Arctic Serenades
Murder In Mind - 1999 - Copro
Inhuman - 2000 - Copro
Pathway To Deviance - 2002 - Copro
Process Of Decay - 2005 - Copro
Forensix - 2008 - Metal Age

Desecration image
G= Extreme Noise Terror, Amputated>>OLLIE JONES>>Extreme Noise Terror, Amputated - Glenn Thomas - Parricide>>Jules - LEE EVANS
B= John Wagenaar - Pete Davies>>Souldust - John Young
D= Parricide, Extreme Noise Terror, Onslaught>>MIKE HOURIHAN>>Extreme Noise Terror, Onslaught

Desecration was formed in 1992. A demo called Mangled Remains was recorded in July 1993. This demo was supposed to be released as a 12" by Anoxic Records, and although sleeves were printed, the vinyl never surfaced for censorship and economic reasons. The Newport band managed to garner much promotion in the underground. Additional help came from the authorities in the UK who raided the band's stash of music and belongings. The Obscene Squad seized the band’s first album and the band was accused of "corrupting the minds of the public."

The band toned things down with its subsequent albums although all charges were eventually dropped. Earlier, the lads had toned down the gore aspect of their shows after being banned from different venues. The band has played with bands like Thus Defiled, Fear Factory, Monstrosity, Enslaved and SOD both in the UK and the USA.

Ollie worked in a morgue. The band labelled itself "Hardgore Perverts."

Gore And Perversion was re-recorded in late 2002 and issued by Copro in the spring of 2003. It was now dubbed Gore And PerVersion 2. 2008’s Forensix was out on Metal Age. Jones and Hourihan also joined Extreme Noise Terror and could be heard on that band’s 2008 album on Osmose Productions.


Gooooore metttaal, loud and proud!!! Gooorree metalll...oh yes, OK I am back. Stop singing, review the album, er yes. That's it really you know. UK's Desecration are back with their third album Inhuman (which must be a lucky guess on my part as nowhere on the cover you'll ever see the title) on Copro Records and as though there was any doubt titles like Insane Savagery, Asphyxiate on Blood and Life of Gore take you by the hand and lead you down the larynx...Musically the band is generically average. Imagine a cross between Cryptopsy and Monstrosity with less brilliance and more gore if you may. The lead guitarists decides to let loose and rip every once in a while which is very cool as he does a great job, but aside from the non-commercial nature of the lyrics there is little else on the go with the quartet. Although I would like to mention my appreciation for the band's tribulations with the authorities in their native land and their commitment over the years to the underground. Cannibal Corpse fans, you know what to do.