Walking Straight To The Moon - 1997 - Rock Rose

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Dezibel Zero>>MARCO SCHARFENORT>>Dezibel Zero

Husk Of Pride>.Oliver Delfs>>Husk Of Pride - Daniel Habenicht

Minotaur, Dezibel Zero>>MARCO SCHARFENORT>>Dezibel Zero

Megace>>Alex Spiekermann [Kai Alex Spiekermann] - Kingdom Come,Blind Petition, Rising Down>>Mario Brodtrager>>Blind Petition, Rising Down, Francis Soto

History & Biography
This German thrash metal band released a demo called The Dark Half in 1992 and was later seen on the Peace Eater III sampler. After a split CD the band released an EP called Perspiration. In 1997, the band signed to Rock Rose Records and recruited ex-Kingdom Come drummer Mario Brodtrager to record Walking Straight To The Moon. The band's new sound was rockier than previously.

The next release arrived only in 2008. It was a demo simply called Desert Storm. A demo called History was next in 2009. The band and Germany-based Barritus had a split release. This took the group to the Soulfly - Best Of Album, which was an independent release, in 2015. The next demo was called Con Carne and arrived in 2019. The 2020 demo was one of the dozens and dozens of releases named, or containing the word, Quarantine in 2020. No Way Out was a 2023 single. The band had long since become Marco's solo act.



Desert Storm