Desolation Angels - 1985 - Thameside
While The Flame Still Burns - 1990 – Feel Metal
King – 2018 - Dissonance
Burning Black – 2022 - Skol

Desolation Angels image
S= Roadrunner>>Dave Wall – Midas, Midnight Messiah>>PAUL TAYLOR>>Midnight Messiah
G= KEITH SHARP – Blackwater Fever>>Robin Brancher>>DA – Empire, Steve Grimmett>>RICHIE YEATES
B= Dave Scutt – First Hand, Lynx, Winter, B-Side, The Mochines, Lip Service>>CLIVE PEARSON
D= Adam Palfrey – Gallow God, Dea Marica>>CHRIS TAKKA>>Gallow God

Formed in 1981 out of the ashes of Blackwater Fever the band hailed from London, England but moved to the USA in 1987 for a while. The band practised pure heavy metal. 1982 brought the debut single, Valhalla/Boadicea, which lead to a contract with Bullit Records. Palfrey left the band before the debut's release. The band planned on re-recording its sophomore with singer Lee Addison the band split up in 1994. The band reformed in 2012. Desolation Angels’ King album was re-released with revised cover art and distributed worldwide through Dissonance Productions in 2018. It was a 2017 demo.

Desolation Angels had a new album in 2022. Burning Black was released by Skol Records of Poland. Second guitarist Richie Yeates (Steve Grimmett) had joined in 2021.

Desolation Angels was a novel and, in turn, an album’s name from Bad Company and a leggy movie. The last one followed the band’s formation.



Desolation Angels