Unearthly Monument - 2013 - Hellthrasher


S= Ending Quest, Soliloquium>>STEFAN NORDSTRÖM>>Ending Quest, Soliloquium - Within The Fall>>JOAKIM RUDEMYR>>Within The Fall
G= Ending Quest, Soliloquium>>STEFAN NORDSTRÖM>>Ending Quest, Soliloquium - JOAKIM RUDEMYR
B= Ending Quest, Soliloquium, Wolfcross>>JONAS BERGKVIST>>Ending Quest, Soliloquium, Wolfcross
D= Dark Forest Of North, Eosphorus, Hadriel, Isole, The Curse>>VICTOR PARRI>>Eosphorus, Hadriel, Isole, The Curse


Black/death metal band Desolator was formed in Sweden in 2009. The monicker was picked some time later. The band was based in the capital city of Stockholm. A demo, called Gravefeast, was issued in 2010. Two members were also in Ending Quest and Soliloquium. Drummer Mille Hökengren was out as of 2011.

Desolator would release a full-length album, Unearthly Monument, on June 30th, 2013 through Hellthrasher Productions. A 2016 demo was called Spawn Of Misanthropy. Black Lion Records was reissuing Desolator‘s EP Spawn Of Misanthropy in 2018. The band played death metal, but was envisaged as a doom band in the early days.