In Your Despite - 2009 - Tractor
Clenched - 2011 - Dozer
Synergi – 2016 - Eclipse

Despite image
S= Decameron, Sworn, Cardinal Sin>>Alex Losbäck Holstad>>Cardinal Sin – Construcdead, Carnal Forge, Dog Faced Gods>>PETER TUTHILL
G= Timmy Leng - Jonatan Larsson – Trendkill, By Night>>ANDRE GONZALES>>By Night – ZORAN PANOVIC – ELDOR PETTERSSON
B= Matte D [Mathias Dagerhead] – ANTHONY CUI
D= One Without, Ingnis, Miseration, Saint Demon, Exrated>>Oscar Nilsson>>Ingnis, Miseration, Saint Demon, One Without, Exrated, Engel – Deals Death, Anubis, Chronic Torment, Imperium, Ruined Soul>>JANNE JALOMA>>Imperium, Ruined Soul

These guys formed in 1998, but didn’t release much until eleven years later. Dozer is the imprint of Holstad. Despite picked up singer Peter Tuthill (formerly of Carnal Forge and Construcdead) in 2013. The man’s band Godsic was on hiatus.

US-based Eclipse issued another album for the band five years after the previous one. Timmy Leng left in 2016 and thus Despite had no original members in its ranks.