Supreme Domination's Art - 2001 - Psychic Scream
Under the Smell Of Chaos - 2003 - Adipocere
In Excelsis Dementia - 2004 - Adipocere
Synthetic Existence - 2005 - Adipocere
The Inside - 2008 - Rupture/Lifeforce
XI Reasons To See - 2010 - Lifeforce
Resolve In Crimson - 2012 - Lifeforce


S= Tenebrum Infectus, From Dissolution To Decay>>MICK>>Tenebrum Infectus, From Dissolution To Decay
G= ZEPHIROS - Anksunamon, Mortal Dream, Thalidomide>>Nico - Ponce - SEB V.S.
B= Hrafnagud>>Orthanc - Decent, Act Of Gods>>DAVID>>Decent, Act Of Gods
D= Kris-Tyraël>>The Oath - MORTEÜS


Lyonnaise band Destinity was formed in 1996 and had a demo called Enigmatic Forest a year later. Another demo, called Wepts from The Sky (300 copies pressed), lead to a deal with Psychic Scream of Malaysia for the corpse paint adorned band. After three albums for Adipocere which had limited distribution the band signed with Rupture and saw distribution through Lifeforce Records in 2008. Destinity would release a new album, XI Reasons To See, on February 22nd, 2010 through Lifeforce Records. The album was recorded in Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen. The album featured Seb VS on second guitar.

Line-up changes in 2005 meant a toughened up sound for the band. The group has toured with the likes of Dew-scented, Decapitated and Severe Torture. Morteüs was also responsible for the keyboards in the band. French band Destinity picked Resolve In Crimson as the title for its seventh full-length album, due in January through Lifeforce Records. The album was recorded at Hansen studios in Ribe, Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen.


Couldn’t tell you what the connection between Rupture Music, Lifeforce Records and Destinity is, but there certainly is a relationship between the false gospel the mainstream 'metal' magazines spread in the early '90s and this French band. Destinity is a talented band made up of individuals who can write and play powerful underground metal, but instead the group has been deluded into believing keyboards and clean chants are part of the genre.
Given the style and the general direction of the songs on The Inside it looks like the band is on a constructive path and improving, but this is one of the more obvious instances of a deluded bunch suffering a lack of history. Why would a band that can play such effective brutal metal resort to keyboards, synthesized passages and clean vocals? The way My Senseless Theory begins or the Arch Enemy-inspired Still Remember attacks the senses could have made The Inside one hell of a death metal album. Instead, the band is drenched in betrayal. The white colour of the cover should have given it away. - Anna Tergel