Beyond All Sense - 1985 - Musik Bolaget
Atomic Winter - 1988 - US Metal
Nothing Left To Fear - 1988 - Active
The Undiscovered Country - 1996 - GNW
Future Of The Past - 2004 - GMR
Beyond All Sense - 2005 - GMR
Climate Change – 2016 - GMR

Destiny image
S= Hakan Ring – Metal Muthas, Faith>>Zanny Hanson Gram>>Treasure Land – Falconer>>Kristoffer Göbel – Dragonland>>JONAS HEIDGERT>>Dragonland
G= Knut Hassel>>Seventh Planet - King Diamond>>Floyd Konstantin - Jorgen Pettersson - John Proden - Gunnar Kindberg - Nostradameus>>MICHAEL ÅBERG>>Nostradameus – Dark Ages, Fairytale, Dawn Of Destiny>>VEITH OFFENBÄCHER
D= Peter Lundgren>>Seventh Planet - Håkan Svantesson – Beyond Twilight>>Thomas Freden>>Beyond Twilight – Biscaya>>Birger Löfman - KANE SVANTESSON

Destiny seems to appear every few years to release a power metal album with bad distribution and no support only to disappear again. The sole constant in the line-up is the band's bassist. After ten years Knut Hassel decided to leave Destiny in 1999. He was replaced by Pagan guitarist Anders Fagerstrand The band parted ways with singer Niclas Granath in mid-2004. Beyond All Sense was re-recorded, re-issued and enhanced in 2005. The band lost singer Göbel in late 2006. Birger Löfman sustained a knee injury in October of 2007 thus suspending the recording of a new album.

In late 2011, Destiny was at DRS studio recording its 30th-anniversary album, The Incompatibility Of Philosophical Terminology, for a late 2012 release. The band had announced an album called Global Warming, but had postponed that recording. Original singer Therese Hanserot died on January 17th, 2012 at the age of 48. She had reconnected and gotten engaged to guitarist Stefan Björnshög the year before. The band recruited keyboardist Carl Dahlberg to start 2013. Veith Offenbächer joined in 2015.